Sonya removes Wilbur’s Enemies Share Damage Buff

According to the forums Shared Damage is listed as being a Buff. However Wilbur uses it as part of his special which can make it so that enemies get the defense down from his special, and then share damage. This acts as a means to make it so any enemy being hit by tiles is taking larger shared damage. However Sonya, and possibly others who dispel enemy buffs, removes this when using her special. I am including screenshots showing this from tonight during my tournament raid attack.

With this counting as a buff to be dispelled, in a raid tournament like the current one where buffs increase damage, this also effectively makes Wilbur’s special a big boost to the enemy team.

I think having Wilbur’s enemies share damage part of his special not be classified as a buff would be more true to its original intent.

It works as intended. Sonya, Melendor, Caedmon and Sabina either don’t use with Wilbur or time the specials.


It has been like this from the beginning already, just don’t use wilbur in buff booster.
Or you can also use mist/c sabina to block the shared damage from wilbur

It’s also not that simple to put it as a debuff. Probably going to be very complicated to code it like that.

I think it should be considered a buff. I love using wilbur with Caitlin or Snow White where more buffs means extra damage!

But- More particularly I think it should be considered a defensive buff where cobalt and other “bypass defensive buffs including counterattack” heroes can cut through it. Currently they do not which seems odd.

Because it’s not a defensive buff or counterattack. It’s a completely different buff.

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Wilbur is great to use with wizard class AOE heroes (like Anzogh) who can trigger EXTRA damage with jinx due to the enemy buff… Keep in mind share damage is not unique to Wilbur, it is on other primary defense heroes like Aegir, that yellow ninja dude, and Gunnar as examples… With added defense it makes it hard to sniper down any enemy when all that damage is shared… Damage share is a buff or at worst can be a nuetral effect. what is a debuff is the defense down

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Even better, shared enemy damage still works in LB quest enemies since considered a buff!

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Or costume Wu Kong



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My favorite raid/war team is old… The newest hero is costume rigard:

Wilbur, Anzogh, Anzogh, ursena, and C. rigard

With Mana support everything charges in 9 tiles.

The team can deal with fiends (heavy heal), strong offensive yellow heroes, defense debuffers, other dispellable ailments. It cannot deal with taunt or Dodge type buffs.

If the full team charges it is always lights out, everything dies. It is fun to watch lol.

I think the current special is perfectly fine to its original intent. If you hit an opponent with a strong attack (lets say you match 3-holy against dark), shared damage makes that all your opponents get hit as if they were hit by strong attacks (even if the other heroes are holy like the original match).

So it’s a buff for the opponent but a buff you can exploit in your advantage.

Honestly, I think Wilbur has faded fast in the PvP game in the last few months. There are too many heroes with game changing specials that need to be targeted and knocked out early in a raid for his damage share mechanic to work well for me anymore (I’ve mostly benched c. Gunnar in 3 star tourneys for the same reason). Almost all my raids are geared towards “which individuals need to get taken out first?” My Wilbur has been stripped of emblems and only sees the light of day against green titans.

His defence buff/debuff is still good. And if paired with dispeller like Sonya you can remove damage share and will be able to remove selected enemies one by one.

Sure, but that is a lot of work for defense down! In my four stars, I’d bring Grimm, Marcel, or a host of others before relying on having two heroes timed together to get defense down.

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