Sonya or triton


hello E & P

I pass here to help me decide! I can promote an ice hero of 4 * but I would like to know which, I have triton and sonya, what do you think ???

Greetings and thanks to all!!!



Do you have an alternative dispeller?


Both are good heroes. Do you have other heroes that can remove foe’s specials? If not, Sonya. Otherwise, I’d lean to Triton, who hits like a truck. Play him smartly, triggering his special just before you trigger a Heal.

One note: Triton’s special takes a few seconds to play out. It’s fun the first couple of times, but he slows down Titan and challenge events a bit.


no, in fact I have this equipment, but grimm is average and sometimes I do not manage to execute it in the assaults, so I wanted to see another attack alternative, I currently have a heatsink but only for my team.


That’s a tricky team for offense. You only have two heroes with specials that actually hit, and they are both average mana. Admittedly, though, you could do a HUGE amount of tile damage with both Wilbur and Wu Kong.

Do you have other 4* options for other colors? I’d be inclined to leave Wu on the bench for most offenses unless you were trying to beat a very challenging foe. Remember that there’s no rule that you need to use a rainbow team.

Grimm is a stellar, grade-A hero, but when paired with Wilbur he would help the foe’s defense debuff, overwriting Wilbur’s powerful debuff with his weaker one. I would finish him up then go for Sonya.

Why Sonya? She removes all buffs from your foe’s; Wilbur only removes defense buffs. Also, there’s a serious risk with Wilbur that an opposing Kiril, say, flips the armor debuff into an armor buff, and with that spirit link across the opposing foes, you’re not going to be in a good place. Sonya will help.

Triton would also be good here, hitting harder and complementing Rigard’s heal. But Rigard is already a very strong healer; triton is more valuable when used with an iffy healer like Kiril or Boldtusk.


look these are my heroes that I have, my intention is to create a dangerous team to attack, I’ve been looking for the combination but it has cost me a lot, if you could help me it would be great! Thank you


Sonya has better utility for dispelling buffs from the enemy. If you don’t have other dispellers, I vote Sonya.


First point: good offensive team is not necessarily a good defensive team. Why?

  • you are smarter than the AI and can order and time your specials.
  • you can also aim your strikes better
  • etc.

Anchor’s hero ratings are a helpful starting place to see who is good in which roles:

Second point: work on your 4* heroes. These take far fewer resources than 5* heroes, and you’ll get a more effective 4* team faster than working on 5*. Save those for after you’ve gotten ten or so 4* done. (Like all rules, here are exceptions.) you’ve already invested in some, though, so let’s put them to work.

Third: on defense you want a solid tank—a hero that has a combination of staying power (def/HP) and sting. Gregorion is not great in that role, particularly at only 3/35.

Fourth: choose one hero of each color to train, and then use all the feeder heroes of that color to train it. Blue on blue, etc. keep training a hero until it’s maxed or you draw a new card that makes you rethink your strategy. (Note: I think it’s a good idea to bring 5* to only 4/70 if you have other important projects waiting for feeders. Those last ten levels have a low reward/cost ratio.)

Okay, with those general points, let’s look at your hand.

Purple: finish Rigard, then Merlin, then Tibertus. If you don’t ascension materials (mats) yet for Merlin, build Tibertus after Rigard. If they both get stuck at 3/70, ascend Tibertus first. His Ramming Pulverizer is a great special.

Yellow: Finish Wu, who will really help your Titan scores. He’s squishy, though, and needs all the def/HP he can get. Then I’d bring Justice to 3/70. He is a great candidate for your tank—a true “A” at 4/80, but respectable at 4/70. Next set of orbs to Jackal.

Blue: finish Grimm, who is an excellent all-arounder, then Sonya as discussed above.

Green: if you have the shields for him, Kashhrek is a very solid tank, the best 4* in that role. He isn’t very helpful elsewhere, though. Peters and Caedmon are also excellent choices, Caedmon if you’re not doing Sonya soon, or Peters if you are.

Red: Finish Wilbur, having brought him so far. I might go with Scarlett then, to add some serious punch to your line, though Colen or Kelile are better on defense. All the red 4* are good, though.

With your current lineup, I’d swap Justice in for Wu on defense, even though he’s under-developed. Keep the rest the same, then swap in other heroes as they develop.