Sonya or Triton? HELP!

I have Grimm/Kiril at 4-70 so I need a new blue project. I have Sonya but I just picked up Triton and now I’m torn…

I feel like Triton is probably stronger on titans with the higher tile damage and bonus healing whereas Sonya has more utility in AW/Raids with the dispel.

I’m leaning towards Triton…what do you think?


EDIT - I have a 4-70 Caedmon so I do have a dispeller. I also have 2-50 Sabina I’m working on and I’m currently also leveling Melendor
I have self cleanse with 4-70 Rigard.

Triton tile damage is stellar and his special hits considerably harder too but he dies too easily. If you are not in need of a dispelled I recommend triton. And if you are pairing him with family then it will help in his defence too

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In a vacuum, Triton is better. As you point out he hits much harder and has a proactive ability. However, having at least one dispeller (Caedmon, Melendor, Sabina, Zeline, etc.) is incredibly valuable, so I would level Sonya if you don’t have one of those already maxed.

Sonya if you happen to encounter the red rare tiger Titan with reflect damage and don’t feel like wasting time stops.

You are right.

If you doesn’t have dispellers go with Sonya, if you already have a pair of dispelling heroes then Triton is your best choice. Keep in mind for AW purposes that a 3.60 Triton could easily die to autoattacks where a 3.60 Sonya could endure some hits.

I currently have Caedmon (4-70) and Sabina (2-50 but current project) as my 2 dispellers.