Sonya or Kelile?

Hi guys have have Sonya and Kelile both on the same level (4 stripe 30 ) both is max level 8/8, but i have some problem to pick out the correct hero for raid. I find it difficult, because they hit hard but do not survive any opponent’s hero attack. SO my creature can died in the first 4 rounds. SO what do you think me picking one creature to add to offence raid.

  • Sonya
  • Kelile

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I try many different combinations with my creature that i have but i found this is the best for offence raid: Proteus, blank (this creatue is unkown), Horghal, Li xiu, and Melendor (max level(3 emblem)).

You need yellow or purple to be 2-2-1. Sonya is good (esp. with costume), but more tile damage is better.

oh SO Kelile is better because is a hundred more then Sonya?

No, Kelile is not better) Honestly I prefer Sonya, but you need both. If enemy team has green center - bring Kelile and BT, if enemy team has red center - Bring Kiril and Sonya)

Ok i don’t have Kiril though BTW my level is is like 32. i tried to get one more 4 * but it will not let me to have it.

Generally, out of these two Sonya is better, and can be further easily boosted with costume (a luxury Kelile doesn’t currently have).

In limited rosters, nuances do matter though. I can see you have emblemmed Melendor which is your main healer I guess. So doesn’t look like you need a dispeller - which is the biggest asset Sonya is loved for. Raw damage, advantage is on Kelile.

However, I am not really seeing where these two might compete. In your case I would start experimenting with benching Li Xiu or Horghal (if he’s not maxed) or maybe even Proteus depending on who you fight against. You seem to lack concentrated damage and these two can bring this if are used together.


You haven’t shown us your roster, but I suspect that some of your struggles are because you are raiding the wrong way. It is difficult at first when you have a small number of heroes (creatures :slight_smile: ), but eventually you will be more successful if you use a different team for every raid based on the heroes the opponent has. So the notion of a “best raid team” is not something most of us who have been playing a while will recommend.

@rilian was suggesting that you use two heroes of one color, two of another color, and a fifth of a third color. The idea is that you use more of the colors that are strong against the enemy tank. I, personally, usually raid with 3-2, but I carefully consider what I am fighting against before I choose whom I fight with.

To answer your question, I prefer Sonya over Kelile. They’re both fast and Kelile has DoT (Damage over time), but Sonya will remove buffs from the enemy which is very helpful.

I hope that helps.


If we compare the two heroes with no context at all, then yes, Sonya is better from an objective view.

However, in reality, you need to pick your offense heroes according to enemy defense. If your enemy is heavy on green then Kelile is better. There is no “one size fits all” strategies for raid.


ok then Sonya is better then. thank guys oh if you want to see my hero rouster it will be uploaded later after this comment.

finish proteus first, he is the most important you have.
I would do in order:
proteus(good on almost all events) -> kelile (damage) -> rigard (cleanse)
dont work still in 5* its too much time

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Proteus is purple, so, OP can work on them both.

true, forgot that. Im used to leveling always 1 at a time

You’ve already been given some great advice on what situations Keilie and Sonya are good for, and order to level them up in. I’m just going to note that you have several partially finished heroes. Ideally, finish one off before you start another hero of that colour, and take maximum advantage of them. Sometimes it’s worth switching your focus to a new hero that you got, but generally I’d recommend putting in those last 15-30 levels to finish off something you’ve already got going first.


I think this is good advice. In fact, I would prioritize one hero of each color, and focus on them feeding them only feeders of their color. Your progress on any one hero is slower, but since using on-color feeders is more efficient, you will get more heroes leveled more quickly this way.

@Max_bp has given you advice re purple.

Yellow is tough as you don’t have any great yellows to level. I’m typically loathe to say anything nice about Hu Tao, but given his enhancements in the recent rebalance, I think he’s your yellow.

You’ve got your blue, Sonya.

Green is tough, too as your only unleveled greens are Horghall, Melendor (second copies), and Ishhtak. I think your roster is too small to warrant a second Melendor at this time. Horghall will take a lot of materials to level, and he’s not that great (he was my first five-star green and got me through most of the map, so I like him, but there are much better greens). So, I think that makes Ishhtak your green.

Kelile is your red.

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