Sonya or Grimm. Ameona useful or not

Hi guys.Till now i have maxed + emblems Agwe and Kiril.Now I am wondering which of both - Sonya or Grimm to ascend if i have: Maxed + emblems - Wilbur,Caedmon and Kunchen-3/70
With Grimm i will get very good tile damage , but i have enough “Def down” heroes and it will be good to have second dispeler (for example when i can’t use Caedmon).

I have a second question - I have Rigard,Ameon,Kunchen and Quintus.There is no point to ascend Rigard , because i have Kunchen which i will ascend very soon.But do i have to ascend Ameona or wait for some good dark hero.My other option is to Ascend Quintus + Rigard , but i am not sure i have to spend my tabards for Quintus instead of Kunchen?

The most important to me are Titans and wars.

What do you think guys? Thanks.

Sonya or Grimm is tough because both are solid, core 4*

Both will be useful in many situations, Grimm more so for titans.

Sonya recently completed my mono blue team and has proved very useful. A couple of emblems have improved her slightly low attack stat.

So. Difficult one. Lol.

Rigard is always worth ascending, even with Kunchen. Great for war teams, epic events, 4* tournaments and purple stacks.

Kunchen looks like he’s really making waves as a decent tank in diamond and is considerably more valuable than Quintus.


And a note on Amoena… which I also spell wrong…a little useful on titans but difficult to justify a place usually. Search the forum and there’re a lot of detailed discussions about her.



if you have enough defense reduction, go for Sonya. More than 1 dispeller is useful for example in AW.

But I disagree on something. Rigard is worth it to ascend, and I have even seen recently people with 2 Rigards (I haven’t seen too much classic heroes who are worth it to ascend 2 of them).

And pardon me, but I must ask: Emblems on Agwe? how has that been?

Personally at your point in development, I’d elevate Rigard and take Kunch to 3/70; save the rare mats for a to purple striker like Sartana. Rigard being average speed makes him really close in value to Kunchen. Unless you’re building a war defence around Kunch, which is viable as well.

I’m partial to Grimm (you can see mine above) but only just. Sonya is great too with emblems - I just think those Paladin emblems work better on a lot of 5stars and Grimm has less competition for emblems.

:ghost: :girl: not all that useful, but kinda a fun hero to play with.

Agwe… you’re going to want to buy back those emblems eventually.

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Thanks guys - i will ascend Rigard but Kunchen too, because i want him as a center in my def team.Halifax you are right about the paladin emblems , so maybe i will go with Grimm. Agwe is great hero actually (with mana troop and combo with other Atlantic heroes), but if i max out Kunchen i will use the emblem reset button i have and i will transfer my emblems.
P.S. I have just get Lianna and i will max out her with my rugged clothes :wink:

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