Sonya or Boril...or Triton

Since latest Atlantis summon blessed me 7 4* of 12 pulls it is time to ponder the pecking order for my blues - I have Sonya and Boril at 3/60 and Triton at 1/1 - no healers so Triton is not really getting anywhere with his heal buff BUT Triton has nasty attack and is 700+ when maxxed

I have 6 capes and 3 pairs of gloves (2 pairs go to King Gong and Hel…ee…Proteus)

I have Cyprian maxxed - is there a reason to max Boril as well? I dont use Cyprian as tank anymore since Kestrel is 3/66

I suggest to focus on Sonya for now, nice dmg and nice dispel, its very useful. Once you`ll have a few maxed 5* I would start with Boril.

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If you have caedmon then forget Sonya and smash Triton.

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Forget about 5* when you don’t have their 4* mats ready (Hel might be an exception) and spend ur gloves on 4*

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I’d go sonya even if you have caed maxed already. she’s good for color stacking against the increasingly popular red tanks. and tritons special is relatively useless in my opinion. he has better tile damage but less survivability. and even sonya has better defensive stats than caed.

what makes caed stand out so much is the lack of good green heros in the game. Sonya is overlooked a lot due to grimm and kiril. i maxed sonya and triton, sonya sees more use in every aspect. dont forget she’s a solid asset vs red rare tiger titan as well

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Thank You guys - Sonya it is then Triton (if i get a healer)

Dont have any other 4* dispeller - green is represented by Greg ,Peters and…Gobbler

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wise choice. she’ll be relatively usable for as long as you play the game

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