Sonya : Boost with emblems? or not..?

hi all

i got 143 emblems. and no 5 paladin character .

what do you think about boost Sonya, she can be very solid with few emblems, hi def and talent proc.

her HP are low, it’s this point which is boring me…:thinking:

Sonya has alot going for her, if she is your only option at this point I would go for it (you can always move the emblems later if you get a hero you prefer, but then you stil have to lvl the new hero so its not going to be an issue for a while)

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Sonya is real good. I had her and Sumi as my main tanks for the longest time. I now have Grimm and Wilbur. I’d feed Sonya emblems until something better comes. As stated already, you can remove them and give to another later.

@Gryphonknight has an excellent (but long) discussion of how to decide what to do with emblems here:

My question for you is: do you mainly use Sonya on offense, defense, or both?

If the answer is offense, then the class talent probably doesn’t help her all that much, but the stat boosts do. Slash attacks and specials against an offense are less frequent than tile damage against a defense, so the short duration of the def boost isn’t super useful.

If you use her on defense, though, she’ll benefit quite a lot from getting emblems.

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@ gara : thanxs for the answer, i’ll check the quote :slight_smile:

actually, my def team is

Greg ( talent+1) / rigard ( talent +3 ) / buddy / Obakan ( talent + 1) / wilbur

i would use sonya to replace Buddy.

I use the emblems for Sonya, even though I have 3 5* Paladins (Aegir, Richard and QoH). I like Sonya in offense. Most of the time I use Grimm, but she’s the alternative if I’m facing counterattack or other strong buffs.

Defense versus Attack


The Gripping Hand

On one hand, a 4*+15 dispeller is a 4*+15 dispeller.

On the other hand, dispellers only are useful if the enemy has buffs.

On the gripping hand, when you need a blue 4*+20 Paladin / 5* 4.80 dispeller or a buff thief, you need a blue dispeller / buff thief ( looking at you rare red tiger titan ).

So once again it comes down to what is in your hero roster.

Be flexible

I was going to level Sorcerer Sabina to 4*+1 first, but Devs added emblems to legendary tier completion rewards for challenge events. So I broke my rule of same color leveling. Off color, 1 day, power leveling Proteus from 1/8 4* 1.25 to 4*+3 for the challenge event was painful for me, but worth it ( the loss of -20% Hero XP is balanced by the 3*/ 4* battle items I can save in Legendary tier and use for the 8 of 10 class quests Proteus is banned from entering ).

Even if you plan to take Sonya to 4*+20 ( Paladins are one of the few classes that get a huge benefit from the last node ), your can always stop spending emblems on Sonya, or even reset her class as others have mentioned.

Reset costs

While I very strongly disagree with Devs over their implementation of emblem resets, it is what it is.

But you CAN reset emblems, so at least take Sonya to 4*+1. My Scarlett 4*+3 evaded a Sartana Deathstrike, which my Rigard cleansed, and I laughed out loud. Sonya 4*+1 triggering Protect 1 or 2 turns before a Deathstrike would significantly reduce the initial damage ( +25% defense for 2 turns can be huge )

Sonya 4*+1 may not get a lot of +Defense, but if you play Empires long enough, it will happen, and more than once. One of the brilliant aspects of talents is the proc rate changes, but the benefit is fixed ( teaching more of the player base about RNG and adding more fun and more players likely to go “Fudge, I am going to try attacking that 5* defense anyway” ).

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