Sonya 4/70 or RedHood 2/60? who to level first?



I have Sonya as seen below to get her to 4/70.

Also got RedHood, as seen below and I dont have mats so best is 2/60.

My team is weak as seen below:


Thank you.


I suggest neither. Getting Sonya to 3^60 and Red Hood to 2^60 makes your team stronger without using precious ascension materials.

You need to build those training centers to get higher heroes or spend if that is your option.

A healer is what you need, and the materials you accrue for blue and red will be best used on a Kieil or Bold Tusk.


making sh18 and for the moment producing with tc13… only up to ~10x3* by now…

i think you have a good point to dont use mats on sonya and wait for a better blue… even though this could be in like at least 1-2 months…

p.s. didn’t spend… got redhood from first and only 300 pull :smiley:


Guess Red made up for tc13.

Good luck.


a better blue 4 star might take longer than that. And once you get a 4 star healer they may not clear enemy buffs…Caedmon (basically Sonya in green) was one of my first 4 stars I leveled and he worked well for me through the mid game, and I still use him for some things (war and events).