Song title & Artist name game

Ty(rum) Segall - My Lady of the Lake’s on Fire

How about a little beach boys.

Jamaica, Motega ooh I wanna meetcha

A tenuous double shot…

“Born to be (Under)Wild” by Steppen(Boss)wolf

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Everybody was Wu Kong fighting. (Don’t kill me for this one, I know it’s bad).

In summer sung by Olaf from Frozen.

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Wrong Olaf for this thread I know, but as you’ve raised the subject, my daughter will kill me if I don’t acknowledge the stupid film :roll_eyes:.


I worked in a toy shop for a couple of Christmas’s.
Let it go was playing my first year and there was this barely audible hum in the shop.
I realised that everyone in the shop was singing it under their breaths, up until the chorus.:rofl:

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Some ensemble acts…

Smoke on the Water by Deep “Purple”
The Race by “Yellow”
Scar Tissue by “Red” Hot Chilli Peppers
Three Little Pigs by “Green” Jelly
Some generic boy bay crap by “Blue”


Ruby - Kaiser Chiefs

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