Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Just as per the Wonderland Event … I would love to see a Wizard of Oz Event. The map could be the yellow brick road
Dorothy ***** fire- special: magical poppy dust tornado which puts the enemy to sleep for 3 turns rendering them defenceless

The Tin Man **** ice- special: mighty axe chop- deals 195% damage and stuns target’s attack for 4 rounds

The Straw Man **** nature- special: summons shield of fire proofing enabling 95% defence against fire for all allies

The Lion **** holy- special: nerve racking roar- calls allies to action increasing attack by 50% dispels all enemy buffs and forbids any new buffs for 3 turns

Wicked Witch of the East***** dark- special: lightening blast- deals 325% damage to target and minor damage to rest of party

Glinda ***** ice- special: globe of protection- heals all allies by 90%, fills manna by 45% and increases defence by 35% for 3 rounds

Flying Monkeys *** holy

Munchkins *** nature

Based off how well wonderland and King Arthur were done I think the wizard of oz would be a good fit

The estate of Frank L Baum still controls copyright and licensing on all things Wizard of Oz, so unless SG wanted to pay (and the estate wanted to license) it can’t happen

I only know this b/c I randomly met a girl once hiking in Ireland, and we hung out for 3 days before I found out it was his grand daughter… she told me a bit about how strict they are with the brand.

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Just adding in a few times people have suggested Wizard of Oz as a theme:

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Yes I like this idea. Something I brought up was the Copyright issues with the later works but as long as they stick to anything that is public domain they can make fair game.

Not worried at all myself and I think this can work very well!

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What was the percentage rate of that randomness from the RNG, would of been something like 1.5% or there abouts right, LOL

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Oh, I totally get it now. At first I was super confused.

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The movie is still within copyright protection, but the books are in the public domain. So it is almost certainly possible to draw characters from the books safely. L. Frank Baum died in 1919, and the cutoff for US copyright law (he was a US citizen who published in the US) is 1924.

Oz in general is complicated on Copyright. Wikipedia has an article on “Copyright status of The Wizard of Oz and related works in the United States”. But the actual books by L. Frank Baum went into public domain in 1956 (original novel), 1960 (first sequel), and 1983–1996 (remaining works).

One would have to be careful with matching the appearance from the films too much, of course. For instance, the Wicked Witch of the West is not green in the books.

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