Sometimes the game is a joke

I raided the guy below 3 times and lost all 3 times. Sometimes this game is a joke, my attack team is the picture below his defense team. I don’t expect to win all the time but losing all 3 times and not even close, each time I took out at the most 2 of his heroes.

You fought and attacking defensive team with a tile damage offense that wasn’t color stacked to the tank… you haven’t really done yourself any favours.


Well when you don’t have a fire hero and the game is giving you nothing but fire tiles it’s a joke, you try and clear the fire tiles out if the way to get to what you need and of course it’s building up the mana of the team being raided and you know the end result.

What’s the punchline?


Why are you raiding with a double yellow team? Double blue against Colen would be better. You also only have one hitter, and he’s your weakest hero.


do not underestimate colen, he is the hero I do not like most in the opposing team, enough 1 time the fire makes us lose especially if we do not have rigard.
with the hero you carry, you definitely can’t win, hope for Danzaburo? he’s a hero who pisses us off

You have 2 healer + Wu on your attack team, leaving only 2 spots open for hitters. Colen is the enemy tank, taking 2 blues with you would help. Since a good healer, Kiril, is already there, you might want to replace Mel with a hitter.

I’m not surprised you lost 3 times with the team you brought against the defending team. “Team power” is a loose term. Don’t take it so seriously.

How do you expect to kill Colen with a single blue hero who doesn’t even hit? Your only hitter is Balthazar. Your tile damage won’t be very good with this setup and danzaburo is completely useless. Bringing a single blue against a red tank is already a bad idea, I don’t understand what your complaint is honestly.

The way to win raids is to make punching a hole in the middle your main priority. As far as I’m concerned, your team looks useless against the tank and that’s the end of the raid.

Helped me a lot.

Honest my complaint is how a team that is almost 300 “power” below mine can take me out 3 out of 3 times. I have s team stacked with 4’s with one 3, his a stacked 3 team with one 4 but beats me 3 out of 3. It’s s joke how the game stacks tiles against you, I don’t have s good fire hero so I don’t have one in there yet the tiles I get seem to me the majority of red fire tiles. That’s my complaint

Power and stars have less importance in this game compared to other games. Team composition, colors, specials, troops matter also a lot. Take a look at some of the advices above.

Boards can be irritating, but loosing cups and raids happen to everyone and doesn’t really impact your growth.

I see a lot of people here telling the OP to double stack blue for better results, and while that is totally accurate, I think we need to take into account that he is clearly still in the early part of the game where he is still trying to fully ascend his first set of 4* heroes. That being said I doubt he can do the proper stacking in most circumstances, this seems to be one of those.
Don’t be fooled by your teams power, it’s also inflated a bit by your 4s that are not yet fully ascended, at 3/70 they are comparable to certain 3s that are full ascension. Pair that with the fact that you don’t have a particularly optimal team to begin with, I’m not surprised at all that you lost 3 in a row (which is ok btw, and it’s ok to get frustrated). You only have one striker, and he’s not particularly amazing to begin with. Besides that that your only real win condition is to keep your team alive long enough to get wu’s gambling stance off…a very risky strategy.
My main suggestion is to be patient and continue to build your heroes up, and try to build up some strong color stacking combos for each element as other players have suggested. It doesn’t always have to be about brute strength color stacking either. If you manage to get your hands on a strong mana controlling hero like Proteus or Hansel you can bring those guys along to pretty much any raid and get huge value.

Most important thing, be patient and don’t get too frustrated early on. It’s quite a long road to building up a formidable bench. Try to enjoy the journey.


Its a strategy game with a bit of luck. I gotta admit your team looks really tasty from a raiding stand point. I will elaborate. Also keep in mind I am a newbie but I do reasonably, I think.

Balthazar heavy hitter kinda but is still only a 3 star and will be eclipse by any 4 star.
Melendor Nice healer but doesn’t do much for your damage.
Wu Kong, I love facing him. Chances are if I am facing Wu-Kong its a almost easy victory I explain why in a moment.
Kiril He is ok but zero damage. His attack buff and his defense buff are the most annoying parts.
Danzaburo Is one of my FAVORITES to fight. He shoots him self in the foot 99% of the time.

I love fighting teams with 2 healers, 2 Utilities and a DPS. I count Danzaburo as a utility. The same as WuKong. I love the fact WuKong can shot the team in the foot also. I add a bit of blind into the mix and suddenly WuKong is the biggest liability.

Bane pretty much destroy’s any benefit WuKong gives. All Bane has to do hit Balthazar or Danzaburo there bascially going to miss.

Carvers Special is going to nuke your mana and Kiril is going to smack you nice and hard. Its not shocking you lost. That doesn’t even take into account that Bathazar is a 3 star nuke.

While its a slow process the fact that Colen does a obscene amount of damage with his special. He is most likely getting it off 2-3 times during the fight due to lack of damage. Its obvious why you lost the numbers game. Simply you couldn’t keep your self up.

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That is what I thought too. Colen rapes everything with such setup.

I can make a team of 5 tanks and Team Power 3700 and will lose eventually against Colen.

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