Something wrong with Alfrikes Manaregeneration?

Hi all, I built a team around Xnoli and Alfrike. The mana troop situation is: 26 Manatroop for Alfrike and a 13 Manatroop for Xnoli (+ 4 % for Xnoli and 2 % for Alfrike from the emblem path). It was always possible to start Xnolis special after 9 stones (to give 20 % Mana to Alfrike - > and her Mana completely filled). But suddenly it doesn’t work anymore. Somehow is a purple stone missing for Alfrike being completely filled with mana. Does anyone has an idea why? Unfortunately I am not able to attach a Vid I mari from Atlantis 2-1-8 hard (anyone an idea also for that? :sweat_smile:). Thanks all in advance.

Maybe you changed troops? It sounds like Alfrike is missing 1% mana bonus to make it work.

Well I have 26 Manatroop for Alfrike and a 13 Manatroop for Xnoli. And I have the 2 % on top from the emplem path for Alfrike and the 4 % for Xnoli. Shouldn’t that be enough?

If my math is correct it is not enough, after 9 tiles and 20% from Xnolphod
Alfrike(with 15% mana bonus) will get 13.455/13.5 needed tiles to fire, but its weird that it was working fine before


With 13 % Manabonus 12 tiles would be enough for Alfrike.

Did you use another team before or exactly the same.

There are either hotm which gives you 4% manabonus via element link or newer hotm direct mana via element link. Did you used one of those or is it exactly the same team?

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I use the team with Odin and Inari, of course both giving certain bonus. But I tested the Xnoli / Alfrike combo without them and 9 purple tiles were enough to have both full. But you never know; maybe due to alcohol / Christmas my tests were not corredt enough :grin:

@Radar1 is right. That’s the math behind it and it’s not enough for Alfrike to charge without any other Boni.

You would need a max manatroop and the 2% bonus from talents with Alfrike (or any other source that gives you a small mana advantage), than it would look like that:

Thanks everyone. Then I must have had some active mana buff during my tests.

High chance the enemy has a sorcerer hero

Perhaps, when it worked, you matched 10 tiles while charging Xnolphod. That extra tile would make Alfrike charge with the 20% from Xnolphod’s special.

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I’ve been doing friendly raids, using Xnol (lvl 30 mana troop) and Treevil (lvl 29 mana troop) together. With lvl 29 mana troop and without mana talent node, Tree is not ready in 9 tiles after Xnol fires; with lvl 29 mana troop and the mana talent node, Tree charges in 9 tiles after firing Xnol.

Same scenario should apply to Xnol and Alfrike.