Something wrong the excalibur icon

hmmmm … is it true that the excalibur icon is such a position?

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I don’t really get what you ask.

Looks good to me…?

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It should be upright yes?

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Sword in the stone perhaps? :smiley:


But when the Lady in the Lake holds it, it is the other way.

Pretty useless when embedded in rock?


Well the one wielding it now is the one who pulled it from the stone. Not the lady herself.
Maybe a new 6* hero perhaps?

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Yes! But let’s imagine (s)he is holding it upright in valiant triumph!

Lol! I have no idea if this is what OP meant!

Nope. Not gonna imagine. Gonna be vulgar if I say anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wild guess here. Should Arthur’s mana bar still be full at this time? I don’t have him, so I don’t know… The special has already been released and the mana bar is still full. Maybe it’s just the timing of the screenshot.
If that is not it, I give up. I have no other idea what the OP might be about…

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I mean that sword king arthur icon seems to be upside down :grin::grin:

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