Something wrong my proteus

My 3 proteus skill 8 but the damage to enemy is not same 327, 309, 225
is there something wrong? Or bug?

Not a bug. DOT’s increase with levels.


What GC said

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ooooo … that’s how it is. thank you @General_Confusion and @Rigs for the information :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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To amplify: DoT actually depends on the Attack stat, as modified by troops (but not by buffs). Leveling a hero pumps up the attack stat, and so the DoT. Putting a big troop under the hero will also bump,up the DoT, only visible in the course of a raid or war battle.

Question: why do you have three Protei in various stages of development? Finish them sequentially.


ooooh … so DOT is also related to the troops that we install?
I have 2 accounts for this game, in the main account I got 2 proteus (maxed and tier 3), the other one in account 2 :laughing::laughing:

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It’s based on attack stat. My proteus does 393 damage over 3 turns because of the troop added attack bonus.

Try having Azlar with a big mana troop. It really burns. :joy:


I will try my colen and i will make some BBQ :rofl::rofl:

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anyone has this problem ? evrything identical trops lv skill, basically everything. why I’m doing less dps ? why they are difrent heroes ??

Defending team gets +20% bonus to attack and it applies to DoT too.

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Also, troops matter. The +att from the troop increases DoT. But it’s mostly the 20% defender boost.

when someone attack my proteus is doing more dps when is in defence?? is hard to make a veiw for this 20% defender bost ?.also defender troops with crit is working ? a hero make crit with his normal attack in defence?

Yes, the defender’s bonus is symmetric: if Proteus is on your defense team, then he gets a 20% boost, too.

Yes, the crit bonus on defender troops definitely works. It buffs the “slash” attack that triggers when the defending hero’s “sword clock” goes to zero. It’s easy to miss because (a) there are relatively few slash attacks in a battle and (b) I don’t tend to stare at the damage figures on my heroes, as my eyes are usually scanning the tiles. But I’ve definitely seen double-damage slash hits.


th for info. appreciate !!

Please direct any further discussion to Kelile's special skill awkward - discussion of DoT mechanics

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