Something that's been bothering me, am I wrong to let it?

First off, I have to start out by saying that I really do love my alliance. There’s just this tiny little thing that’s been bothering me lately, and I’m wondering if my issues with it are completely unfounded (or not). I trust this community to be straight with me, and to let me know if I’m completely misguided. To find that out, I’ll go ahead and share :blush:

So, is it wrong for me to be a little upset that our alliance took down an easy rare titan with flasks before everyone had a chance to hit it organically? I say this because the only way everyone gets that shot at the bonus draw, is if they all can hit the titan [at least once] before it’s killed.

Idk, for some reason it’s been bothering me all day that we had a few miss it, and a few others that could have hit it a few more times with their regular flags. This has happened in the past too [specifically with rare titans], so that’s probably why it’s so bothersome to me. I usually let these things go, but since it has happened several times in the past, I’m starting to see a pattern emerging that I don’t like.

Please keep in mind, this wasn’t a titan that required flasks in order to take down. All flasks were used to better one’s score, and were used by our strongest members (so their score was already in top 5) with several hours remaining. I get some are after better loot tiers for themselves, or maybe they believe a better score will give them a better shot at the item (which it doesn’t), but isn’t the whole point of an alliance to work together so that everyone gets better loot instead of just a few?

So I’m honestly curious, what do you guys think? Is this even an issue one should be bothered by? Or is it really no big deal? Please, be honest and share your thoughts. Or, if you’ve experienced something similar, feel free to share that too :blush:


I would be upset. Especially if it was a titan that didn’t need to have flasks used to defeat it.
Titans were a big reason i left my last alliance. There were some who wouldn’t even hit it unless they could get the finishing blow.


I would voice out in chat. Tell them off. But this problem would usually stem from the leadership itself if he or she does not care. If the leadership does not care for the weaker members, I would change alliance.


Have those over-achievers read all the threads about how high scorers most often don’t get the good stuff? And, last I heard the rare titan does not have to die for players to have a chance at rare bonus.

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It really depends what you mean by several hours. If there was less than 3h on the clock, a little urgency is certainly understandable. If there was 6, not so much.

I find that a good rule is to try and give everyone a shot to do 3% of the damage (B grade) or at least 1% (C grade). Getting 30 people to reach 3% is hard on weaker titans, on which some of us can hit for 80k.

However, if someone isn’t on the scoreboard while the titan has been there for 20h, it’s on them. The team does not have to wait around for people that may never show up. If you think that you may be unable to participate on the titan until the very end, but still want a shot, you should let your alliance know in advance. Otherwise they can hardly be expected to divine your circumstances.


To be honest, it is up to the leaders to voice the strategy for taking down titans, rare or not, and then to the members to execute the strategy.

So, for one thing, the leaders should help all members understand how titan loot is distributed (it may not be clear to all for instance that the chance for the rare item coming with a rare titan does not increase with loot tier), and then, it is up to the leadership to explicitly request that the top members leave some room for the bottom (or lower) members to place their hits and get their share of the rewards.


You do have a point, and that’s why I’m glad I asked :blush:.

There was over six hours left on the clock when the Titan went down, but some of the flasks were used immediately after it spawned. Others used them as soon as they ran out of lives, so after a few hours in, up until the very end. I know we had a few members use more than one flask too.


You are right to feel bothered by that sort of carry-on. An alliance should be teamwork first and foremost.

Are you able to discuss this with your Leader/Co Leader(s)? Beacuse you’ve posted here, I assume not?

Another question is are you happy with your alliance as a whole?

The reason I ask is, from a Leader’s perspective, everyone should be given the opportunity to attack a Titan.

Communication is most important, especially if it’s a difficult one. Another form of chat like Line or Discord is useful in that you can private message any member(s) who abuse the rules, etc.

For those that have been online but choose not to attack…well that wouldn’t bode well…you miss 2 titans, with no reason, you’re kicked.

Assistance/Guidance should be given to lower-leveled members.

If you’re unhappy and would like a change, you’re welcome to join me ~ Militita Misfits.


I did speak up, but only recently, before making this post. I’m usually the one that shares all of the information regarding how this game works, including loot tiers and rares, so it could be on me for not letting them know how that specifically works. I’ve told them about loot tiers, but I never got into specifics regarding the extra loot roll for rares and how they work until this most recent incident.

Our leader is an amazing guy, very sweet, and he doesn’t like too many rules in place because we do have very active members and haven’t really needed them. So that’s why I hate to even ask there be any rules in place for this, or if it’s even an issue or not.

That’s why I had to ask. Sometime I wonder if I’m getting bent outta shape over nothing


I’d say you have a problem, how many others in your alliance feel the same way? The opportunity for better loot is a fair reason to join an alliance and having some players undermine others is destructive to the alliance as a whole.

What you do about it is up to you and your teammates. Is there a way for you to contact them outside of in-game chat? This isn’t the kind of issue that can be resolved with the short lifespan of the game’s chat history.


Flasking right out of the gate is unacceptable. In fact, no one should ever flask until the leadership greenlights it.
The only exception that we have tolerated is when exceptionnally, someone pops one out of sheer frustration from terrible boards. But that happened perhaps twice over the last 6 month.

If the leader is an amazing guy, then nothing is lost, but there seem to be a problem with the leadership (whether a lack of organisation and strategy, or a lack of discipline from the alliance members concerned).

As MrsBCW pointed out, it really is an issue of communication: you being able to voice discontent to your teammates and be heard; and your leadership passing down and enforcing guidelines to the alliance.

A few rules really go a long way, and you can be light about it too. Appointing a co-leader or 2 in charge of titan strategy can also certainly make the task of managing everyone’s share of the loot easier for the leader.


Easy thing. If this bothers you…leave. In my old alliance I lead and in my current the alliance leader instruct the members what to do. It’s a Team Play and we have clear rules. Everyone not following those rules get kicked. If the leader of your alliance do not set-up any rules ask him/her to do so for the benefit of complete alliance.

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Well, no one really talks in my alliance, other than the top dogs and me lol. I made sure to bring it up through our alliance chat (in messenger) as friendly as possible without seeming too upset. I’ll copy and paste what I said:

Just for future reference: in order for everyone to get that extra loot roll chance, everyone has to get an opportunity to hit the Titan. We had four miss it this time (which they maybe would have anyway, idk) but it’s happened in the past too.

I just want everyone to get a shot at it, not just some. Those rares are rare, so I think it would be fair to let everyone have a shot at them first before killing it with flasks :sunglasses:

I haven’t heard from anyone, but then again maybe they’re not checking it. Or maybe it sounds too rude and it’s not my place, idk that’s why I had to ask lol.

& I do play this game with a family member, and we both felt the same way about it. One of the last rares, she didn’t even get a chance at the loot roll because it went down too fast for her to even get a hit in. So maybe that’s why it’s bothering me so much to see it happen again, even though the few that didn’t get to hit it this time maybe wouldn’t have anyway, idk. That’s why I don’t know if I’m being overly sensitive to it or not.


That’s why I don’t know if I’m being overly sensitive to it or not.

I don’t think so. In fact, it’s laudable to be concerned with the loot of your team mates, and I hope that your alliance can value that spirit of mindedness for others: it’s the basis of every great team.


What star level titan was it? If you’re alliance is very casual and doesn’t socialize, you may feel better joining one that is a bit tighter. I would guess that everyone is looking out for themselves and hitting the rare titan the way they are because there’s no sense of camaraderie. They are not being considerate of others because they don’t think others would reciprocate.


Kill titans as quick as possible and move onto the next. Keep a reserve of flasks for situations their needed, unload the rest at will. I have a “step up or step out” mindset though. Basically players that can’t keep up are welcome to leave or they are welcome to improve their gameplay. Not saying it’s right but not saying it’s wrong.

Any player that wanted loot had 16 hours from the sounds of it. That’s more than a night’s sleep or a normal 8 hour work shift(i know some work more than that but still).

All 30 members should hit by the 11 hour mark or they’re simply not pullin their weight. I see both sides of the coin. Sure teammates should be aware other members want loot, but other teammates should be aware that every hit helps and those flags are on a timer and have a short shelf life. Once a player is at 3/3 titan flags, they’re losing flags. Simply due to prolonging the 4 hours it takes to make the next one.

Address it as a team as a whole, both sides of the tracks. Those that didn’t care if teammates got loot, and those that didnt care enough to help out in a reasonable amount of time.


Alliances are just as different as individual people. Some play casual, some are competitive, chatty or silent, several rules or none.

You need to decide what works for you and what not. If your alliance lead and/or the alliance members don’t want rules, then no one can be blamed of not keeping them. If the titan principles were not agreed in advance and no one asked them to stop flasking, then why would they have stopped?

However, based on what you say, you might want to consider if the alliance is right for you. When people are not reading chat, then it’s impossible to communicate and coordinate things, speed of improvements in skills and heroes also limited. Still could be a nice place for casual play, but not for someone who wants to improve. My 2 cents.


I think deep down you know the answer, but your a very polite person and have sort reassurance.
The reason it has bothered you is because it’s wrong, flasks are for use in an emergency. I suspect the players who used the flasks are fully aware that the leader won’t say anything, so do what they want to suit the own needs!
It’s a shame because as others have stated, alliances are about team work, and it’s the little things that bring everyone together. For example in the alliance I’m in, we range from 4k tp to 2k tp and often face opponents with average 3500tp, but our strongest players often go out of their way to leave teams battered and flee so our newer players get the better points and the kills! They were never asked to do it, but everything is done as a team!
So randa I’d say the lack of response to your concerns in your message group stems from the overall nature of your alliance. So maybe it’s time for you and your family member to seek pastures new, where your feel more loved for your knowledge and feel more at home!


I appreciate you commenting on the other side of it, and making me think about it from another perspective.

Honestly, this post was more to see if this is a common thing that happens, and if it is, whether it’s something worth addressing or ignoring.

Now, I’m worried I’m making a mountain out of a mole-hill.

This is a game and I want to enjoy it, but I feel bad if I’m taking away my members chance to enjoy it too, - and that’s immedately what I thought after seeing that titan go down before others could hit it. I want everyone to have fun and get the loot that they need, that’s just my mindset. Yeah, I like to make it to A+ too, but if I’m doing it with a flask, that’s not really fair is it? Idk, but I see your perspective too. I guess I’m more of a people-pleaser than you lol. I want to give everyone a fair shot :blush:

Considered creating my own alliance to have more control, but recruiting is impossible as it is that I don’t see too much value in that at the moment lol


IMO, flasking right out of the gate is very inconsiderate and weakens the alliance as a whole. It’s less true for alliances fighting 9* titans and up, as everyone at C grade or above gets 3 shots at ascmats according to Revelate’s math (plus the rare titan bonus).

But for the alliances that are fighting 8* for instance, there is a 50% bonus ascmat chance for anyone reaching B grade, and that is made less likely every time someone does more than 3%.
With 6 flags, one can knock 10% of a titan’s life points by onself, thus depriving some team members of the possibility to get to B grade.


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