Something that's been bothering me, am I wrong to let it?


What star level titan was it? If you’re alliance is very casual and doesn’t socialize, you may feel better joining one that is a bit tighter. I would guess that everyone is looking out for themselves and hitting the rare titan the way they are because there’s no sense of camaraderie. They are not being considerate of others because they don’t think others would reciprocate.


Kill titans as quick as possible and move onto the next. Keep a reserve of flasks for situations their needed, unload the rest at will. I have a “step up or step out” mindset though. Basically players that can’t keep up are welcome to leave or they are welcome to improve their gameplay. Not saying it’s right but not saying it’s wrong.

Any player that wanted loot had 16 hours from the sounds of it. That’s more than a night’s sleep or a normal 8 hour work shift(i know some work more than that but still).

All 30 members should hit by the 11 hour mark or they’re simply not pullin their weight. I see both sides of the coin. Sure teammates should be aware other members want loot, but other teammates should be aware that every hit helps and those flags are on a timer and have a short shelf life. Once a player is at 3/3 titan flags, they’re losing flags. Simply due to prolonging the 4 hours it takes to make the next one.

Address it as a team as a whole, both sides of the tracks. Those that didn’t care if teammates got loot, and those that didnt care enough to help out in a reasonable amount of time.


Alliances are just as different as individual people. Some play casual, some are competitive, chatty or silent, several rules or none.

You need to decide what works for you and what not. If your alliance lead and/or the alliance members don’t want rules, then no one can be blamed of not keeping them. If the titan principles were not agreed in advance and no one asked them to stop flasking, then why would they have stopped?

However, based on what you say, you might want to consider if the alliance is right for you. When people are not reading chat, then it’s impossible to communicate and coordinate things, speed of improvements in skills and heroes also limited. Still could be a nice place for casual play, but not for someone who wants to improve. My 2 cents.


I think deep down you know the answer, but your a very polite person and have sort reassurance.
The reason it has bothered you is because it’s wrong, flasks are for use in an emergency. I suspect the players who used the flasks are fully aware that the leader won’t say anything, so do what they want to suit the own needs!
It’s a shame because as others have stated, alliances are about team work, and it’s the little things that bring everyone together. For example in the alliance I’m in, we range from 4k tp to 2k tp and often face opponents with average 3500tp, but our strongest players often go out of their way to leave teams battered and flee so our newer players get the better points and the kills! They were never asked to do it, but everything is done as a team!
So randa I’d say the lack of response to your concerns in your message group stems from the overall nature of your alliance. So maybe it’s time for you and your family member to seek pastures new, where your feel more loved for your knowledge and feel more at home!


I appreciate you commenting on the other side of it, and making me think about it from another perspective.

Honestly, this post was more to see if this is a common thing that happens, and if it is, whether it’s something worth addressing or ignoring.

Now, I’m worried I’m making a mountain out of a mole-hill.

This is a game and I want to enjoy it, but I feel bad if I’m taking away my members chance to enjoy it too, - and that’s immedately what I thought after seeing that titan go down before others could hit it. I want everyone to have fun and get the loot that they need, that’s just my mindset. Yeah, I like to make it to A+ too, but if I’m doing it with a flask, that’s not really fair is it? Idk, but I see your perspective too. I guess I’m more of a people-pleaser than you lol. I want to give everyone a fair shot :blush:

Considered creating my own alliance to have more control, but recruiting is impossible as it is that I don’t see too much value in that at the moment lol


IMO, flasking right out of the gate is very inconsiderate and weakens the alliance as a whole. It’s less true for alliances fighting 9* titans and up, as everyone at C grade or above gets 3 shots at ascmats according to Revelate’s math (plus the rare titan bonus).

But for the alliances that are fighting 8* for instance, there is a 50% bonus ascmat chance for anyone reaching B grade, and that is made less likely every time someone does more than 3%.
With 6 flags, one can knock 10% of a titan’s life points by onself, thus depriving some team members of the possibility to get to B grade.


I actually would be more worried, if we had several players with zeroes, when there are 6 hours left. Yeah, sometimes life happens and it’s okay, but usually everyone has hit titan before 11 hours.
But if your alliance playes more casual and there aren’t rules agaist flasking, so then it might be okay. Yeah, it would suck not get chance for that loot, but they had time to go online and do they part. :wink:


Honestly, I think I would be more upset that there were members who didn’t hit after 12 hours than at people flasking, but that is just me.


I’m sure it probably came across as I don’t care about my teammates but i do. I just feel like those that didnt hit in a reasonable time are just as wrong as those that hit ample amounts sooner than they should have.

Basically slackers slacked off, hardcores went overboard. Both potentially in the wrong.

Question is how can you be a 100% certain the players that missed out would have hit at all? If they didnt then would it have put more weight on those that did to kill the titan, could this be a regular occurence where the ones that didnt hit start letting a select few carry the team and just riding on their coat tails while putting in a very minimal effort?

30/30 players need to work and think as a unit. I would set a time mark such as my 11 hour mark example. Lay down the law:

no flasks before this point, everyone needs to hit the titan at least x amount of times by this point. After that titan is free game to kill as fast as possible, those that miss out simply miss out. That puts everyone on the same page and doesnt crush the joys of the overachievers meanwhile it encourages slackers to try harder to be part of the team.

We all have jobs, family, etc etc and yes it is just a game.

But if a player has time to take a :poop: then they have time to hit the titan


Further elaborated my point of view in my 2nd post before i read this one.


It was the 8* tiger, and 8* have always been easy for us, even after losing a few members. We were up to 10* for awhile, but 9* are where about we sit now.

I’ve considered finding a new alliance, but the hard part is finding the right fit. This alliance, for the most part, had fit pretty well. There’s no super strict rules in place, but people still participate. I’ve gone through the whole alliance search thing, and tried a few, but idk nothing ever came close to how comfortable it is here. Maybe that’s why I’m reluctant to leave, and probably why I’m wondering if this is something worth shrugging off or dealing with, because I’ve gotten comfortable. Loot tier IX and winning most wars I thought would be enough to make it amazing. Maybe that should be enough, and I shouldn’t expect much more, idk.

Plus, I think I’m more eager to learn and share than most of my members. I’m the only one who frequents these forums, so I’m the only one who really shares about how synergies work, or which characters are good to level, or which levels to farm, etc. I’m the go to person for all of the questions, and sometimes I wonder if I share too much, or whether they even care to know lol. Some will ask me questions, but most I’ve never spoken to personally.


And I agree with it all. :wink:
Well, for the flasks, I like to see them as alliance resources that we keep a lock on, but that is just us and we are a but discipline-frenzied.


Expect a baroge of invites coming your way any minute now… All I’ll say is checkout 5150, we are hitting 8* 9* titans like you, very little rules but the team spirit is evident the second you enter the door
:blush: Good luck either way randa


That’s why I made sure to say that, because like you said, maybe they wouldn’t have even hit if given the chance. I didn’t even know the people who didn’t get to hit, but it’s happened in the past with the person I play this game with, so seeing it happen to others (who yes, might not have even hit) idk it bothered me. & That’s why I created this thread, to see if I’m off-base with my feelings about it, or if it has legs to stand on and worth addressing.

And I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it to sound like I thought you didn’t care. I’m just a people-pleaser at heart, so I want everyone to enjoy the game and have their shot. That’s just my nature. & I don’t like conflict, but I seem to be one of the few that speaks up in this alliance so I will if I have to.


Need 30/30 voices for it to work or it can be dividing.

1 speaking for 6 to the other 23, isnt fair for all involved


Of course, but someone has to be the one to bring up the conflict before it gets voted on by the masses. & Not many are willing to do that. That’s what I’m saying :blush:


Hello there, cutie! :wink:

First, I do say I didnt read all the posts.

I saw you said that 6 hours were left before the titan was taking down. This means that 17hours have elapsed. This means that anyone from alliance had at least 4 flags to use. Taking in consideration timezone differences (been a sleep - has flags to attack, been awake has time to use that 4 flags) and that a player should be active with 4 flags a decent member should do at least 1% damage and get the titan loot tier level.

I dont agree with using flasks when titan appears. Flags and level ups should be comunicated and decision of ussing them or stalling them should be made by leader and coleaders with 1-2 hours before the 11h mark (as we do in my alliance - can be seen in my description :wink: ).
And that is the leader’s responsability to communicate, ask if needed and take action if the player aint communicating/be a team player.

There is the other side of the coin, where, like it or not but is the reallity, more than half of the alliance are hitters, big dogs, spenders, and the rest are contributing as they can. Some of this spenders are the “bully” type that charge basing themselfs on strength more than tactical team power. This are also the ones that get many flasks and use them and “fight” to be first almost all the time.
Managing this type of players is tricky and have a heavy say in the alliance balance both in achievements and atmosphere; you cant have one whitout the other.

I trully go for the communication, good atmosphere and tactical/smart play as a group. “One ‘bad’ apple can ruin the whole basket; even if the apple is big, red and shiny”

Hope I helped! :kiss:


Can I ask, what you consider strigt rules? I think, we don’t have so much rules. Maybe in war! :joy: Somehow we all still play our parts.
And sometimes I also think, that all don’t care so much about strategies and stuff, but they still listen. :wink: That is also reason, why I’m in this forum. There are so many players, who are so into this game here. :grinning: If you ever consider changing alliance, I would love to have you in ours. It would be awesome to have another player like me in there! :joy:


I hear ya. Been there myself, i was always on the lookout for ways we could improve as a whole and of course i would recieve pm’s from a few who were afraid to speak up. So definitely been there. All i can advise is keep all 30 in mind.

Approaching the others with “i think we messed up and wasted unnecessary resources, and i also think we have some members that are slacking a bit. I would like to see improvements in these areas for future situations. Anyone else want to discuss this? Any ideas or suggestions are more than welcome”

will go a lot further than

“hey this is bs, we killed this titan early and these guys got ripped off”(knowin u this wouldnt be your approach, but needs said anyways)

Sometimes the “this is unfair bs” approach is needed, just have to be tactful and pick your battles or it just isn’t effective enough

If the other 29 members don’t want to add anything to that discussion, I’d bail. That’s speaking from my point of view. I can’t stand it if I’m the only one trying to improve the team. Luckily in my past alliance we developed excellent communication and effort in leadership, or the alliances would have been short lived.


First off, can I say how incredibly awesome you all are? Here, I was anticipating like maybe one reply letting me know to get over it lol, but here you all are sharing your thoughts in such detail and I absolutely love it :blush:

There are too many posts for me to reply to now (it’s late where I’m at), but I promise I will get to all of them tonight or tomorrow. This thread blew up more than I thought it would (two replies max lol), but I have to say thank you to all of you before I do. You’ve given me a lot to think about. :blush:

& Honestly, listening to all sides of it, I can see I might have been quick to get so upset. You’re right, there was plenty of time to hit, and you’re right, they maybe wouldn’t have hit anyway, and you’re right, there aren’t enough rules in place for anyone to know for certain. Even though I don’t agree with wasting flasks when unnecessary (and a few other things), I can understand not all feel that way.

You all have helped me understand that I’m not completely crazy to feel this way, but it’s also not crazy that it happened or even wrong. Just different play-styles, different rules, different alliances. :blush:

I’ve never actually made a topic on this forum, but this has been rather enjoyable. Let’s do it again soon :wink: