Something seems wrong with Odette

I’m not sure what happened but this seems wrong. Dia seemed to steal the dancers buffs from Odette and they were dodging everything. I can’t get the video up but it was something I think is wrong

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description of the special is also quite funny :slight_smile:



Her minions steal buffs when they hit your heroes and she has a minion so probably that.

Some icons are also missing here.

I am passing this to Staff

The problem with that thought is her dance is undispellable from what I’m gathering. The other thing is both Dia and Iku were dodging normal tiles. They weren’t dodging the random hit from the dance though

That’s what I put probably as I’ve never read Odette’s card

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Thank you for the reports! We will look into this here and update the topic once we know more.

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Just a thought. The full card wasn’t posted but Odette herself only has a +45% chance to dodge specials that do damage, i.e. dispellable. She does not have the Dance of the Swan buff. So it is possible that Diao chan’s minions stole it from Odette instead of one of the other heroes.

Edit: Of course, that should only be one defender, not two as noted above.

Fair analysis and Im thinking that might be what happened but the other thing that happened and I cant post the video, the dodge stayed on Dia and Iko for the rest of the match. The extra hits from the dancing at 345% is what took them out as they were dodging tiles also along with the immunity to new statuses which cant be explained

I don’t know if this is specific to diochan minions that steal buffs but it appears to happen when minions try to steal the dance of the swan.

Undespellable buff being stolen and dodging tiles. Odette is still super buggy.

Hello….I was Raiding a team that had Odette and I had Diaochan on my team. To my surprise Diaochan was able to steal Odettes swan effect and apply it to my team. I knew this was a bug when the icon that appeared on my team for the swan effect was a URL path for the function that triggers the swan effects. I was able to Tahoe a picture of the issue below. Thanks!

Thanks for merging my ticket. I actually did a search for Odette and Diaochan before creating the issue tracker. Nothing came up so I posted. Good to see the issue being attended to.

I may be wrong by this but based on the wording id have thought Oodette’s special would overwrite winnifred’s and when heroes are dancing would not be able to be negated by winnifred but that just happened in raid against winnifred.

I have also found disturbing issue with Odette’s buff, so please let me pin up to this thread. Phantom of the opera was hitting even he was already taken off the board (previously got buffed by Odette, and buff was later stolen by Diaochan’s minion, even tho he was hitting from the dead:

Edit: byw, he fired from the dead every time Odette was firing, for like ~25 turns, with no effect on buffs original duration.

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