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everyone familiar with how to get top scores in events is aware of how much of a chore it can be to farm boards. and even when you get a good board, you still have to play it well.

on Epic 7, the starting board gave me an on-color horizonal diamond with two more on-color tiles below it, so when i made the diamond, it popped itself. not only that, but i got a chest on the first wave. the second move was risky because i didn’t have an obvious move to generate a good cascade, but it worked out, so i cleared wave 1 with axes and combos on every move.

i ALMOST messed up the second wave because i didn’t notice i got a chest on the second wave too! i almost used battle items before realizing i needed to make more board moves to break the chest’s invincibility. i popped the off-color diamond from the previous move, and what does the cascade result in? another off-color diamond :joy: so i pop that, it gives me enough on-color cascades that i can pop the wave with battle items, and the bosses were cake since i was at full mana on all heroes and still have all my small and medium mana potions.

four moves, all 3-6 combos, two chests, and here’s the end result:


My positives: Lady Loki died in war killing the last two enemy heros. Probably saved me since I was almost dead already. My defence reached 4.5k.


That’s a monster 7. Well done!


Something positive occurred for us today after a bit of a negative yesterday. We had 29 in the war and we got matched against a 30. 6 flags is a pretty big deal at this point.

And so it proved for much of the war. We were a bit behind the curve all the way to the last 15 hits when they ran out of steam and we were able to get a good end run. With 3 flags left it was still in the balance.

So just goes to show you shouldn’t get too down and get the head down and give it your best


My favourite beat-down team bumped my win streak to 46. Streak ended with a mono red.


Got my best ranking in the monthly tournament in epic.


So my alliance Crew-Jesters (briefly) made it onto the leaderboard

Of course we know that doesn’t mean a lot but for a chilled alliance with actual free to play members in there I can’t help but feel a chunk of pride at it.

We were bounced out again pretty quickly but the fact we made it all feels pretty amazing. We regularly look over the board in wars and feel outgunned but 8-4 in the last 12 wars and we know we punch above our weight.

This might also be a brag :joy::joy::joy: So it might get move into that thread. But it wasn’t meant as one I promise


The first time reaching top 100 alliance is a good feeling! Congrats to you and your alliance. :muscle:


Great job to u and the fam. It’s a rush and sense of pride to work collectively and get there. Cheers :beers:


This will be a series of positive stuff. :sweat_smile:

  1. It started off with lucky Villans summons:

Even better, I got Karnov from a single coins pull on 3 September. :exploding_head: Edd was a single gems pull on 4 September.

  1. On 4 September, I broke 3k cups for the first time, setting a new cups PB, and achieving my best ever global rank. :star_struck:

  1. Happy to get 15 nuggets from Mythic Titan on 8 September.

  1. Happy to get the bonus drop mat on the same night - 8 September.

  1. Happy to get more 4* mats on 9 and 10 September(!).

  1. Happy to get this opening board on a favourite titan colour today, 11 September too. :wink:

RNG has been continuously kind to me for a week with two shiny new heroes, and three consecutive generous titans. :exploding_head:

Besides that, I successfully raided up to 3k+ cups for the first time. :muscle:

I don’t see how I can have a better game week than this. :partying_face::tada::tada::tada:


i hope RNG rewarded that board with only a few Wu Kong misses! :wink: :grin:

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The past Tavern of Legends, I managed to pull Alberich after doing one pull. The last recent Valhalla, I finally got Almur, who I had sought after it seemed S3 was finishing up and everyone was saying Brynhild and Almur were two great necessities (alongside Mist and Gullinbursti). Any coins I get for Valhalla, I’d hope it’d be to get the remaining 4* heroes I’m missing (like with Atlantis and how I’m only missing Gadeirus).

Maxed Kelile and will be trying to max her costume now. Remembered that I also have cWu Kong to max. Hope that these two costumes getting maxed will, somehow, tell the game I’m out of “new” costumes to work on and to give me new stuff in an upcoming 10-pull.

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Congrats on your Alberich and Almur! :partying_face::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:

I got him from HA10 after 21 weeks of retrains, my first non-S1 result. So happy to get him, and hope you enjoy Alby greatly. I love having him.

I’m still missing a Gadeirus and Sumitomo from S2. :sweat_smile:

Good luck with your 10-pull! :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:


Thanks and I will say that HA10 at least blessed me with Lianna, one of the 2 missing S1 heroes and 2 S1 snipers in the legendary tier. Now, I have it fighting with TC20 on which one will be the first to gift me Sartana.

AND with the costumes being a possibility, HA10 has the advantage of possibly deciding “here’s Sartana AND her costume.”


I got my second purple 5* aether from 5% tournament today


Impressive! Thumbs up from a fellow f2p. Hope to achieve something like this one day. :slight_smile:

I’m always happy to get a nice opening board, especially during war. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I also had fun hitting an old teammate, and even better, pulling off another one-shot.

My opening board

My team came close to death :see_no_evil:

And it got worse :scream:

Alby saved the day. He res Lianna #1 and Kiril Costume :star_struck:

The next time I fired Alby, he res Yunan Costume too :wink:

Yunan Costume cleansed Lianna #2. Every hero played their part :star_struck:

I was really lucky that Alby res two out of three times. That’s a first for me in war.

We won our war comfortably, and I got a small nature aether, raid flask, and six loot tickets from victory loot. I need all the raid flasks and loot tickets that I can get! :rofl:


Your Alby did a good job :+1:

Congrats on your war victory :clap:

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Heroic saga, @SamMe !

Alby may not be the most polite kid (see intro to ToL, he would merit a slap on the ear for his style there), but capable of great things!


Поздравляю, играю считай 3 года а в вику ещё не получил - ((((

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