Something positive

:rofl: you got a point about CM… though meant, no good reds other than her :wink:
hence started doing the 2nd…

Nemo is a conditional sniper but waiting for his ailment to snipe hard is something I have to still work with & as of now, I prefer to have a hero as less conditional as possible… :rofl:
the game already has enough painful frustrations in-built… so, this one I prefer to live without, since I can afford it for now !

Nemo requires an ailment that isn’t attack down (so def down or mana down) to get a single sniper hit that might not even kill the target anyway.

C.Marj just needs tiles and slays everything. I’d have 5 C.Marj over lesser Reds everyday of the week. And I’d LB and emblems as many as I could as well.

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Wow, i see 200 replies as something positive, there are some good left in this world


I think the art on the recent clash of knights hero quintin is amazing. It’s my favorite in the game. I didn’t actually get the hero but maybe one day the avatar will be attainable for players outside of team Korea (the winners of the event).


I finally got a costume kadilen…whoo hoo! :two_hearts:

P.s. being on my first and only key pull the most recent costume chamber somehow makes it better.:grin:


I finally have the telescope to max out one of these heroes. But no idea who to go for yet … they won’t go into my defence teams


If you are looking for max. healing: Raffaele. If you want faster but less predictable healing: Passepartout
As a hitter: Alasie
Alasie and Raffaele are some of my most important heroes. Since I have Prof. Liddenbrock I prefer often her before Raffaele.
Alasie I’m using with Talent 20 4/85 (limit broken) (- Often together with Natalya and /or Zimkitha: 3x family 2018 ->+20%def. for the three of them, for the whole team +24% healing (6x4%), +10% mana-gen./4 turns, +5%att. and +5%def./6 turns).
My Aegir and Isarnia (w.C) are on the bench (3/70, maybe they become maxed sometimes, Isarnia for rush and Aegir for the 2018 family).
I don’t have Passepartout yet.


I’d go for alasie unless u need a big healer the Raf is one of the best in the game just slow is all

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Very positive news ~ my war opponent didn’t use any flags!! A massive relief as he had Morel, Prof L, Xno, Liz and C.Kad on his team and I struggled a bit!

Also got these rewards which is great because I’d never waste my money on those aethers which I can never decide who to use them on anyway.


Free VIP pass from invites jackpot was hit!


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