Something new need to be introduced!


I like this game. I have payed some. But now I’m bored. All my heroes are waiting since forever for acsension material. Every upgrade takes so long time. I have done everything over and over and over again. I’m loosing interest. After paying multiple times and only received 3* duplicates, I feel no more of that. It takes forever to get diamonds to make a rare summon. I have only received one special chest all of my time on the game. There have to be some event, something new! More rare quests, more special chests!! Its boring for me as im on a little higher level with all the common quests, I finish them in 2 minutes then i have to wait a hole day for a new one. I want something more to struggle with. Hit me please!


Agreed. Fun for lower level/entry players but boring for upper level players. It is just a “farming grind” now. Nothing except the occassional rare quest is tailored to the advanced players. All the other quests are worthless. I guess they figure they got all the money they can out of advanced players so they are only worried about making it fun for new players so they can rope them in and start bilking them for some coin…too bad really as it was fun for a while.


Right now i keep playing solely because of my lovely alliance. Sadly the members are dropping out because they (also) have hit the ascention roof and no more mats for months. The rare missions are so rare we hardly see any. Really sucky for everyone. :confused:


I agree. I really would like to see special events, it keeps games fun and something to wait around for.
As for the general gameplay, I thought there were alliance wars or something similar in the make? I am not sure, but have seen it mentioned in multiple forum posts, but can not find anything official. It would be nice to have something besides titans to work on with your alliance, even if it would be an re-occurring temperary event.


Alliance wars have not been officially announced yet; until they are, we can prolly assume they are coming, but might be months away.


I agree that something new is needed in the end game and I’ve emailed the devs about it. They insinuated that something new is coming in that area. Hopefully soon because several of the high lvl players in our guild is losing interest in the game.