Something needs to be fixed – Tiburtus Costume Design

Is that an electric guitar in his hand as a weapon? Please, this needs to be fixed, something doesn’t belong to the E&P world.
I can even accept the pistols from the pirates(Kestrel, Sargasso), but this is unbalanced, electric guitar and the rest of the game isn’t in the same era, it hurts my eyes, which shouldn’t be there in this game. Can anyone tell SG to fix this :cold_face:

There is a big blade on the guitar turning into into a Weapon. Common slang is to call a Guitar an Axe, so that’s what this is depicting I think.


It’s awful right? Same goes for Skittles the candy witch. I don’t like the direction some of these costumes have taken the game. Have they decided to target the child market with these?

Oh well… let’s say costumes belong to another age… Vivica is Las Vegas showgirl now, Tibutus a Kiss cover hahaha

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Maybe she’s the witch from Hansel and Gretel tale XD

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This is all I see when I look that that costume


God of Thunder … and rock and roll!

Actually, I like this costume. It no less belongs in the game than Santa or Rudolph.


I think it’s pretty frickin sweet and shouldn’t be changed at all! NO VOTE FOR YOU.


I agree. The game needs to seriously rebalance their musical instruments and they need to be period correct from during the historical E&P dynasty. Give Gan Ju a Chinese mandolin and Sargasso an accordion. Without these changes, the game is unplayable.


This is my most liked costume and it is perfect as it is…if you don’t like it just close your eyes. I see nothing bad or offensive in a guitar made to a weapon. Why does it not belong to E&P???


Have you seen Boltusk costume? He looks mentally disturbedl


An E&P movie would be an awesome comedy.

Hansel and Gretel would fight their way back home to their pirate parents of the correlbian from the candy witch through Gondor, an enchanted forest, an aquatic DisneyWorld and and a wonderland desert with chess figures and greening cat knights, while they also met Santa and his family, where they eat some hard hitting bunnies cooked by an orcish kitchen chief.

Did you ever watch Scary Movie?


I would be honest, this Duke of Rock is my favorite Hero Costume! About his weapon, I love to think that it’s an axe dress like a bass guitar :stuck_out_tongue: #abigKISSfanrighthere


If you look at Tibs’ axe you’ll notice it only has four strings. It’s actually a bass axe :joy: :joy:

You have my vote. It should be changed to a guitar axe :stuck_out_tongue:


Serious question: I’m very curious to know what era you think the game is set in.

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I just figured it was the dev’s tribute to Kiss! I have this costume and hero and all I care about is his special skill and stats which I think are pretty good.

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That exactly what I said! The Tibertus costume is a tribute to kiss! :rofl:

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A Unifying Principle Of The Multiverse:
Bass guitars totally rule.

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