Something is wrong with tournament

Approximately half hours ago, my alliance member attacked me at the tournament and lost and it’s OK to be allowed alliance member to attack another one, never mind tournament it raid.

What is weird and wrong and what I see as a bug is that mentioned attack I still don’t see in defense tournament log and he have that log in his attacks! Like that never happened!

I don’t mind and care about that one win, but that put in doubt all other tournament results and at he end whole defense grade and that lead us further to the rewards! Question is how many such attacks are not recorded and shown in defense log…

As far as I know, if your defense has been attacked a lot then it doesn’t show all the attackers. I am not sure though, maybe @zephyr1 can clarify. :slightly_smiling_face:


From the Raid Tournament Change Log of 21th May 2019

We have also implemented a limit on how attacks count towards your Defense Grade. After the first five attacks of the day, only one attack per hour counts towards the grade.


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