Something is not right


Not sure why this is happening, but see attached pics. Im beginning to think this might also be affecting my pulls, so going to stop buying for pulls until I know what’s going on. Would love to know why this is happening. Thx.


@Defiler This is a visual/graphics issue that has been around for many months. I’ve seen it on occasion as well. If it’s really bothering me, typically restarting the game helps.

Since it’s just a visual effect there should be no issue with your pulls. You’ll still get whatever RNG sends your way. Sadly, your heroes won’t be pixelated as that would be rather fun :grin:


@Kerridoc looks like there’s a few of these and you’re merging/closing. Throwing this your way for same :grimacing:


Now that is funny…

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Ha!ha! Right - had ta put it in there :laughing:


Now that you made me think about it - guess it would be kinda fun :hugs:


This happens to me all the time. I just exit out and go back in and it is fine no big deal. If it did have to deal with the pulls then my daughter would not be as lucky as she is. It happened to her and she pulled anyway and got Rumpelstiltskin and 2 Frida.

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