Something awesome about this game!


Well, I fell for it, I was really short of yellow heroes and went for a Vivica or Joon at the Elemental.

Did the 10x summon, and I DID get Aegir.

Bad news is that I´m not happy at all, because:

  • Aegir is sub par as a HOTM (maybe even as a 5 star hero)

  • My pull gave nothing more than multiple Gan Jus, Banes and Dawas, and 2 Wu Kongs (not bad at all, but not that hard to get in TC13 or 20).

  • Event WAS ANNOUNCED one day after the summon.

Good news is that my judgment has improved, and I will never do that again (hopefully :smile:)


@brobb, Thank you for providing such a clear and deliberate explanation for what the average F2P player can anticipate in regard to obtaining a HoTM.

If nothing else, it serves to provide far more accuracy and optimism than was suggested earlier, while still being pragmatic in it’s estimation of the many variables involved(including luck) in how frequently a given player will receive a HoTM.

If a F2P player were to ask me, “Truthfully, how long will it take me to obtain a HoTM?” I would happily refer them to your post.

:slight_smile: Tima


Sorry about your pulls! Events always arrive on the second Thursday of the month.


That’s good to know, thanks @Kerridoc!

Aegir had to have made up for the Dawas somewhat - no? :slight_smile: Personally, since I do not have any 5* blue heroes, I would be thrilled to pull Aegir, but I agree with your assessment that he is probably less than stellar as a HoTM.

:rofl: I say this every time I purchase a summon, 1x or 10x!


Thanks for the info, will keep in mind!!!


And I will probably say it again next time I do… :joy:

Well, it´s not really really bad, but if you consider the amount of resources that have to be invested to max up a 5 :star: hero, I will not skip leveling up my Triton, and if I get ANY other legendary blue hero, Aegir will definitely stay in the bench for a while.


How many epic hero tokens have you seen during the last 3 month ?


I don’t know for sure. 9 or 10, maybe a few more? I’ve got four now, and I used a bunch a while back.

Being strict on myself, I would say at least six and at most 12.


Did you get any of tghese from challenge events ?

During the last 3 month I have seen 3 of them at most. :disappointed_relieved: so ist good to know it’s the darn RNG again……and others have better luck.


I get one from completing the legendary level of every monthly event, but none for achieving a high place. Do we also get them from seasonal events? I can’t remember.


It’s been almost a month since ive seen an rpic hero token!


True but I have been watching more than 10 ads in the past 2 days to receive NO reward. So far goes the good thing after the update. And yes I care for the little amounts of gems I get from it. This game is getting pay to win more and more!

Epic hero tokens I hardly get. I had to buy the owl offers to get them. I’ve spent tons of money and almost did not get any nice 5* heroes. (I had to do over 100 pulls to get a stupid Khagan. I was trying for Guinevere.) Over 100 A pulls a month to get some more kinda worthless heroes or duplicates.

If it weren’t for my great alliance (Mixed nuts - Special Blend) I would have quit this game a long time ago!


Something awesome about this game: the raccoons in the dense fog levels. :smile:


From his pose and facial expression it gives me more like a “gonna be late” feeling :slight_smile:


I think that’s a lemar?


Great observation! I guess I’ve never thought about that even when I get frustrated with the game, so thanks for pointing that out.