Something awesome about this game! – Optional Advertising with Rewards

I play this game before I go to work not just hit the titan but trying to get to the next level
And to be honest I block out adds because I don’t like to interrupt during the game and plus I don’t any rewards for it, so please don’t go changing the game,

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Are you sure? Try logging them for a while - you might be surprised. I did it about six months back and got quite a shock.

The biggest surprise to me was the regularity of gem quests. I thought they happened maybe once every week or two, but it seems like on average they occur multiple times each week. Also a surprise was the frequency that random chests delivered big gem rewards - 20 or 30 at a time. And you can always count on Mystic Vision for one or two.

(As we’re singing the praises of the game, here’s my most recent Mystic Vision:



Good morning guys! :smile:

Sorry for the delayed response! Before I continue, I want to thank all of you for your many and varied contributions to the conversation!

No, and thankfully, neither do I. :smile:

I understand what you are getting at, and won’t argue with your assessment that attempting to summon an Event 5* or HoTM has been a costly endeavor for many players in E&P.

I would argue that need is relative to each person, and depends on their goals and expectations.

@Ackbarbait puts it nicely:

Touché. :smile: I never thought about the “summon-this summon-that buy-this-other-offer” in that way, but they are certainly not optional… and they are definitely advertisements.

I’ll agree with @Sernarok though, and I do not find them to be obnoxious or intrusive - if they were video clips similair in length to MV, that would be entirely different. But they aren’t, and I still think that’s pretty awesome. :smile:

As we send our thanks to SG for creating a game so unburdened by advertisement that we might choose to throw some money at them?

If, by breadcrumbs, you are referring to the free loot from Mystic Vision, I was never worried about it. Quite to the contrary, I am rather enamoured by it. :heart: Besides…

Those are some lovely breadcrumbs! I have also received a Sturdy Shields(twice!), but the Tonic, now that is a beautiful thing!

There are varied and vigorous debates here in the forums almost daily about everything you just said, from how the game has evolved or devolved and whether or not new heroes are OP, to the greed of SG and their “toxic mechanics” tricking people into parting from their hard earned cash.

I don’t think any of them have been settled to any degree of certainty, and all of these topics are subjective, relative, or both.

Personally, I like this is a approach. Now, I know my TC20 has been unusually generous, but I have pulled three 5* heroes so far after only having it up and running for about six weeks. :slight_smile:

2 years, 20 years or 2 weeks for a HoTM may all be outliers in your “average,” however; they still must comprise a component of it, so of course it’s relevant! No need to be so dismissive.

I absolutely love coffee - it’s probably my favorite thing ever. You know what’s better than coffee, though? Getting free loot from an optional in game advertisement while making coffee! :slight_smile:

Exactly! A little bit of awesome injected into our day every 16 hours or so - who could take fault with that?

There are many contributors to these forums who successfully employe sarcasm to help illustrate a point. I’m afraid it is too soon to count you among them. :slight_frown:

Ahh, the beauty of mathematics! The universal language … cold, beautiful, infallable. Unless, of course, it disagrees with my anecdotal observations - in which case I vehemently disagree with the outcome of your equation!! :laughing:

:slight_smile: This has certainly become a more lively topic than I originally anticipated!

Ahh, now I understand more clearly - What have I done, indeed??

Well thank you for the kudos - But tomorrow, I would encourage you to resume browsing the forums. Even negative posts can provide appreciable insights!

:laughing: This is something I have been working on for some time now! I will reach out to you once I am successful - together, we would be unstoppable!

I have also received a Sturdy Shields(twice!), but the Tonic, now that is a beautif… wait… whu???


scrolls back

Wait?!? What?! Where’s my 4* Mysterious Tonic?!?

Here we have undeniable proof - HARD FACTS - the devs have secretly nerfed the Mystic Vision! (Not for everyone, obviously, just for the me personally… and the P2W players. And the C2P and F2P people.)

Why hasn’t this thread been locked and deleted??


All joking aside, I look forward to continued dialog in this and many other threads!

I hope everyone has a great day!
:slight_smile: Tima


Oh, and I almost forgot @JonahTheBard!

You are most welcome! Thank you, in turn, for all of your contributions to the forum! You are a delight to read! :slightly_smiling_face:


If you’d bothered to read and think you’d have come to the definite conclusion that I don’t think 2 years is “outlier”.

EDIT: I really really don’t understand how something which is true can be offensive. Please everyone vote in my poll (results are public).

Question: Would you ever be offended when someone tells you something that is true?

  • Yes
  • No

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Enjoying your viewpoint. Thanks for keeping it on point.

Quick reminder to all to read the Forum Rules.


The probability assuming accumulated probability is 2 years, the average is not. Many f2p players have more than one and how long has this game been around?

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“…you person that doesn’t think” is what I removed. Let’s not get personal on each other.

Also: Something true can also be offensive, depending on how it’s stated. Example: “Opinionated,” “Blowhard” and “Loud-mouthed Jerk” may all be used to deliver one’s View on another. It may be true, but there is certainly a nice way to say it.


Not sure we’re understanding each other @Rook. Let’s say someone asks you “Is the sky green?” You reply “No.” Then the other person continues “You think the sky is green, but <whatever>”. And they did hear exactly what you said. What would you then think about the other person?

See my comment above.

There is fact.
There is fact delivered with emotion.
There is fact delivered with malice.

The first one is encouraged in the Forum. :slight_smile:


Ok, I tried to fix it above, but there still may be some emotion.


Thanks! Back to topic!

(See PM) :wink:

I love the fact that I could use dwarves even without being into the Alliance

For the Horde


I’m fairly confident that I read and understood you correctly, but I’m afraid that I phrased my reply incorrectly.

Excluding 2 years (which is your “average”) - then what I meant to say was that 2 weeks or 20 years would be outliers, but most certainly still a component of the “average.”

Well, I’m skeptical about the math you have used to come up with your average, but I didn’t find your statement offensive. Rather, it was your blunt dismissal of the “relevance” of @Sernarok’s contribution to the thread that touched a nerve.

I presume you mean well, and I believe that your opinion is just as valid as my own.

We can discuss or debate any of the topics that have been raised in this thread with enthusiasm, or with acrimony - but I would suggest that the former will yield a more constructive experience for everyone involved. :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope this clears things up!
:slight_smile: Tima

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Again, two years is the average. But since you often put it in quotes, I guess you don’t understand the meaning. So, one last try:

If I tell you: “when you flip a coin, you’ll get tail about half the time” do you understand the meaning? Are you skeptical about the math used there to come up with “half”?

Presuming you agree with “half the time” above: If I tell you: “if you flip a coin 100 times, you should expect tail to come up about 50 times” do you agree with that? Would there be another number of tails you expect for 100 coin flips, or just “we can’t possibly know”?

@kahree, I removed my first reply to your message because our dialogue was becoming snippy and unproductive, regardless of whether it takes a F2P player an average of 2 years to get a HoTM or not.

While I can tell that you are passionate about that particular topic, this thread was really only intended to point out that I think the optional advertising is awesome, and to inject some positivity into the forum.

Perhaps we should leave it at that.

:slight_smile: Tima


I think the game is great and fair, if they made it easier we would all get bored and if they make it easier now all of us that had to work for what we have would be cheated by the newbies that won’t have to work for it.


@Tima the dialogue was about whether or not the “free” gems give chances at more than one HotM every two years (on average, for an active player). We can leave it at whatever you want as long as you don’t act so positive that it will be more often than one HotM every two years in average. To avoid the “snipping” probably you should’ve done that in the first place.


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Once again, not an average but a prediction. An average would be the statistics of all the players who have been playing for two years and this game isn’t even that old. You are making a prediction based on cumulative probability. The average player has a better experience than your prediction.