Something awesome about this game! – Optional Advertising with Rewards

With so many threads about Empires & Puzzles focused on negative impressions and “gaming transgressions” (perceived and real), I wanted to share something that stands out to me about E&P.

Last night, as we sat and unwound after work, I played E&P while my wife was playing a different game on her tablet.

After every third round on her game, an advertisement loads. She is able to skip the advertisement and return to the game after a small delay.

It occurred to me, then, that one of the awesome things about Empires & Puzzles is that there is NO forced advertising.

Mystic Vision is completely optional. So? … That’s awesome. :slight_smile:

Furthermore, there is no reward for my wife when finishing an advertisement; no incentive to watch, just an relentless series of advertisements after every third round.

We, however, are rewarded(modestly) for watching the advertising in E&P, and when we don’t have time for nonsense, just need to log in, hit the Titan, and then leave for work(etc.) - we aren’t forced to endure a 30 second commercial for some other app in order to enjoy our leisure time.

Perhaps it’s a silly observation, but I wanted to put a bit of positivity into the forums today!

So, my thanks to Small Giant, for not forcing us watch to crummy advertising, and rewarding us when we do!

:slight_smile: Tima


We don’t even have to watch mystic vision. I often play it when making coffee first thing in the morning so don’t even see it lol


What have you done.


And you both were so impressed with their generosity than you have immediately decided to send appraisal letter to E&P and name your firstborn Petri. Regardless of their gender. True story


:laughing: lol, Actually, we had already decided on baby names … @Petri for a boy, or @Sara for a girl!


Pointed out a subtle(but awesome) point in my favorite mobile game. :slight_smile:

Because I firmly believe that all is not lost; and sometimes it’s hard to see(or easy to forget) the abundance of things that made us all fall in love with E&P in the first place. :slight_smile:


Well, there is certainly substance to the article you reference, but since Mystic Vision is free, I don’t know that classifying it as a “loot-box” is entirely fair.

As it relates to my original post, I was really referring to the fact that all advertising in this game is optional, whereas many games, mobile apps and other forms of entertainment require us to experience advertisements of some sort before we are permitted to enjoy the content.

Personally, I am thankful that I don’t have to stop and “Skip Ad” every time I finish a run through of 8-7; it would interrupt the flow of the game, and it would certainly make grinding/farming far less fun.

Since we’re throwing around publications to reinforce our points, the pervasiveness of advertising in our culture, and it’s affect on young people, has undergone a fair share of scrutiny as well:

Regardless of how one feels about loot boxes, summoning odds, the randomization of boards, etc., I thought we could all agree the the lack of “required” advertising in the game was awesome.

:slight_smile: Tima

  1. One of your links seems not to work - always best to double check before you post.
  2. Seriously, “toxic mechanics”? I’m all for hyperbole, but I think you’ve crossed into crazy country.

I really have no idea how this has gotten so far off topic.

It is quite simple. His wife plays a game and has to skip an adverisement every 3rd round, while in E&P you do not have to deal with them. IT IS REALLY that simple.

Mystic vision was used because that is the only advertisement we have to see (and it is optional) and yes we get loot from it (good or bad).

He just wanted to share how it is a little more convenient than some other games. That is all.

I have no clue how gambling came up at all in this thread…


Mystic Vision is how all of us “f2p leeches” help contribute to SGG’s income. They get paid for us to play the video for which they in return reward us with free loot every 16 hours. Not only is it optional but it is the most rewarding time+effort vs. rewards I have ever seen in a mobile game. Good stuff. Definitely not toxic.


Maybe a new thread could be started for the new topic?
(hint hint)


fair enough it says gambling but that was a reference about other topics. It had nothing to do with the post. Simply stated he said “since there are so many negative posts, let me post a positive one…” again that is it.

This thread is about advertisements in other mobile game compared to advertisements in E&P.

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E&P has great ads. I wish I could watch one every few hours (for free loot of course):smiley:


Cool. Enjoy watching them great adds. And be grateful. Its fine and perfectly normal to get excited about watching adds.

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I don’t think it helped, I did try to point that out

I found this game watching an optional ad on another game, couldn’t be happier about it.


Mystic Vision is advertising … it is stipulated in the article that the increased exposure to advertising may contribute significantly to childhood and adolescent obesity, et al.

I think, maybe you have quoted wrong research?

“Video games are increasingly exposing young players to randomized in-game reward mechanisms, purchasable for real money

Mystic Vision is free, so I fail to see the relevance to gambling.

Well, it’s actually pretty cool, because if I was forced to watch the advertising after every three map rounds, or every three raids, that would be far from delightful. :slight_smile:

You sir, are correct. :slight_smile:

Actually, it says “gaming” - and I was really using the term to describe a myriad of complaints, from Raid boards that change when you color-stack(to make the devs more money), and Summons that only reward F2P players with HoTM while big spenders do hundreds of pulls and come away with nothing but Nashgar’s(to make the devs more money.)

That said, I suppose you could include the lottery-like use of gems for summons among those myriad complaints, but this was not my explicit intention.

Again, you sir, are correct. :slight_smile:

(And yet how quickly the negativity seeps its way in?)

He was teasing(but not about the free loot) - I will presume you were too.

In all honesty, I only wanted to call to attention the little things that equal a great game. Rarely does someone say “I love the sound effects,” or “The attention to detail is great,” - but these are both subtle aspects of E&P that help contribute to my overall enjoyment.

The lack of intrusive, mandatory advertising is among those underlying virtues of the game - in face, it’s done so well that I didn’t even notice it until I had been playing for months, and for this reason alone I find it remarkable, hence my decision to remark upon it.

The “toxic mechanics” to which you are referring may exist aplenty in the gaming industry as a whole, but they are certainly not exclusive to E&P, nor did Small Giant invent the concept of micro-transactions.

This may well be a subject worthy of in depth conversation and further discussion, but it was the farthest thing from my mind when starting this thread.

:smile: Tima


Here Here!! For the F2P leeches haha!


Does your wife need to spend hundreds of USD in that game for one really good hero (or one really good something-they-have in that game)?

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To be fair you do not need to do that in this game either. For a specific hero, yeah probably…maybe thousands lol. For a stable of great heros, most likely. But for 1 really good hero? I got 2 Gravemakers on B2B gold coins over 3 days. One coin even came from mystic vision. I also have have Joon and several other decent 5s and most all the 4s. Im not FTP but Im pretty frugal and have not come close to spending hundreds over the last year. My girlfriend plays too and her experience has been similar. She has Khiona, Alasie, Leo, Azlar, Elk and many good 4*s and has spent even less than myself. I’ve also been 1 victory from cracking top 100 a couple times now. If your patient and just enjoy the journey you can get there with very little or even no investment. How much patience is just inversely proportional to how much luck you receive :wink:

Now if your hyper focused on chillin in the top 100 or have near every top hero that is an entirely different thing. But that is just a different philosophy about life and gaming than I have. To each their own. :slight_smile:

And I love this game and the recent attempt at more positive threads by several posters on this board!


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