Something ain't right here


Australian players pay more on gems due to exchange rate. This post is not about that, so please don’t go ranting or moving towards that area.
With new offer out a few us shared pics regarding it. Found something very odd.

3 offers same items, same gems yet one player paying near 20% more.


Just so anyone curious knows.
All 3 players live in same state, there us only one currency in Australia so its not a location based issue.


Apple/Android difference i guess.

Just so you know, i have the same offer on € 29,99.


I have seen the other posts regarding android v apple discussion and this is actually backwards to it. In this case the apple player paying more.
The difference in % between the 2 cases not making sense either. From the other post apple was 10% cheaper now 20% more expensive. I doubt they had a 30% increase on apple store.


I commented on that other post, apple is more often more expensive than android. I have on ios the same offer for 32.99 euro, which is even more expensive than the 47 Australian dollars (looked up the exchange rate).

I would have to check with Dutch on android, because within Europe prices differ per country too. But if they have the same offer as Elpis it would be a 10% difference (with ios being more expensive)


Yeah, you mistake it.
Apple usually cost more than android.


The exchange doesn’t change based on the market. We don’t get a lower price or higher based on fluctuations . its set at $1 to $1.40

The platform difference hasn’t been an issue before. Having seen their prices same as mine for over 6 months.



Here it does change from offer to offer, for the event deal, apple was 10% more expensive, the halloween deal the same price and this again more expensive.


So where could I find confirmation it is something apple or android have changed?


Good luck. I’ve been googling my eyes out just looking for ANY article discussing the price differential between iOS and Android “in app purchases”.


All hail Android :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:


No! I take my IOS football and go home! :grin: