Someone more smart can explain that to me?

Searching online how this kind of games are regulated, and run in this article talking about “RTP” (return to player) concept to control more or less if a RNG works as intended.

It is really too much for my brain, and i guess i need someone doing much more pulls then me @_@

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Isn’t RTP applied to games where you can win real money back?
Maybe in this case someone should assign each hero in the game a real money value (like Guinevre is worth 50 dollars let’s say) so if on average one has to spend 70 bucks to get her the RTP is 50/70 = 71%. But still, if you get Guinevre you can’t reclaim her 50 dollars value back, so I’m not sure this concept is applicable here at all.
Am I understanding it right?
Can you share the article you are referring to?

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too high for me as well but as this game refers to loot box principle I am not sure if RTP is applicable here…