Someone is in my account


I set my phone down to charge I come back and my defense team has been changed moved to a less powerfulteam. The hero’s are still here but we need to figure out what is happening here. No wonder I lost so many raids. Please look into this as it is really getting old. I should not have these problems. Loosing hero’s Loosing food hero’s now my teams get messed with. Please check into this for me before I loose it all. Someone is messing with something. No nobody messed with it I am the only one working in this house. No reason my defense team should be changed and hero’s moved out of teams. Please look into this. Thank you for your time with this matter.


Better lock those heroes so they won’t get stolen. :lock:

Who do you think is messing with your account?
Are they close by or far away? Human or non-human? Alive or ghost?


Normally this happens when people accidentally click the def icon when hitting titans or raids and change teams accordingly.
Only other reason could be Aliens


Change your password? Lock your phone?


Have no idea. All I know is things are messed up. Can’t get midnight root to drop. Its been almost a week. Seems every time the game looses connection I have missing hero’s. Wu long was locked and I still lost him at 1\27. Had two so know I am leveling up the other one. Literly my defense team was disbanded not even on one of the 5 teams. Don’t know what is happening but sure would be nice to not have this problem.


That would not remove the whole team from the 5 teams now would it? The team was not there. I had to put them all back and make them the defense team again. They were all 5 moved to non active status. Explain please.


Phone has a lock on it. This happened when I was by myself no one else around. Alne in the house working on the hardwood floor. Something is not right. Why would I loose hero’s every time I loose connection?


Try to sign out your Gmail/Email from any other devices but your well known devices that no one has accessablity to it.
This maybe the cause if your same Gmail/Email is on other devices and the game is installed to them, then maybe others can get into your progress and do that.


They said I payed for a berral of gems and I never did now I am negative gems what do I do