Someone had to do it

Our alliance was going discussie who would waist his/her attack on a alkost dread Joon.

So I sacrificed my attack.
Ofc, not without having fun.

I must admit it could have been better to use one hero, but I did not want to get oneshotted by bad luck. xD


Glad you pulled it off, not somethin i would risk personally and would definitely have some choice words for a teammate that did…idk wars just aren’t screw off time for us, we’re weird(we have fun but competing is the fun, we leave goofin off for solo time in raids where it doesnt hurt the team if we fail)


I didn’t realize you could go into a war battle without a full team until I accidentally hit the fight button prematurely a few weeks ago. Luckily I pulled it off but it was nerve wracking!

0/10 Do not recommend :joy:

Usually when I have to do a tiny cleanup I’ll throw together some 3*s so I can save my other heroes for the right opportunity.


Seems a bit risky to bring two heroes that don’t deal damage against one that does big time damage with field aid. What would you have done if you didn’t get the tiles you needed on the left side in time and he healed back to full health? You would’ve lost. Doesn’t seem like it’s worth losing a flag over


I agree. A set of 3* snipers seems like a safer bet.

That or some 3/60 4* heroes. Depends on your bench.


I have 6 war teams. One of them gets used every flag. A few times I used “lesser” heros trying to save “better” heros for other flags and lost. Never again. Full teams every flag.

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I’d at least add some 1/1 2 star feeders as “dummy targets” for the AI. No point in bringing just 2. Plus, you were a bad board away from your alliance having to have the conversation of who will clean Joon again.


I agree with others. I wouldn’t screw around like this. I’d take a 3* team. I’m deep enough to bring a 4* team too, but 3* is sufficient.


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