Someone Explain Guinevere to newbies?

I am missing something gotta be cause I keep hearing how Guinevere is this OP force to be reckoned with tank. I don’t see it I fight her from time to time and decimate her. I consider her a semi easy victory much easier then some of the other tanks in the game.

Typically my team is Victor 4/80, Khiona 3/60, Bloodtusk lv 4/70, Drake Fong 3/60 and Hansel 4/70

Please keep in mind I almost always stack 2 dark hero’s I like Victor and I like Khiona.

My plan of attack against Guinevere is simple. Charge either Victor or Hansel mana up and hit her very very hard. Victor will debuff her nuking her self heal completely. Instead she will heal victor for around 280hp over 3 turns giving me a chance to nuke her down. Then Hansel pretty much stops her from even using her abilities which makes her a nice paperweight. Then something new you can roll is Inari with the dodge chance… it removes her ability to steal mana while also giving you some minions that hit pretty hard.

Whats so op about Guinevere?

Getting the right tiles early in the fight before she fires and reducces the mana of your whole team by 20%

Also Victor might be the best hero to counter her atm, but not that many people have him.

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Are you actually facing maxed 5 star teams with guin tanks? If so and you’re winning more than 80% of the time with that team then that’s impressive.

No only in the Platinum ranks typically its a Mix of maxed 5’s and 4’s or Max 4’s and almost Maxed 5’s that I end up facing.

That makes a lot of since, I have noticed if I can get victor off she becomes a wet noodles same as hansel. There both very fast so getting them charged up isn’t even hard.

Hansel is only fast.

And also since you are still on platinum you’ve yet to face the second part of the problem: GM and Zeline flanking guine. Those two are fast enough to punish you team way too much if guine happens to fire (slowing down your team). And those 3 are in every second Diamond def team…

Guinevere is annoying and she can punish a bad starting board but I don’t think she’s the best tank. Gravemaker tank on the other hand, he’s a bit of a ■■■■■. I think Delilah is tougher too.

Guinevere is super tough if you don’t have a good team equipped to deal with her. It used to feel like she was impossible to beat but now she’s just annoying

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That 3 hero combo makes me shudder.

100% agree, I just came to say this but you did it first hehe…
Delilah and her minions, Gravemaker and his very fast mana. Those I find harder to beat than Guinevere :man_shrugging:


Funny, I have never had a problem with her. I’ve always wondered why anyone thinks tough. But Guin I struggle with even bringing in Hansel. Soon Proteus will be leveled enough and I’ll try bringing in both.

Goes to show your team and playing style has a lot to do with where you struggle.

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What your hero specials are doesn’t matter against Guin. You either get the right tiles to beat her or you don’t. Once she starts going off, you may never get a special off.

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