Somebody is trolling

Can somebody please explain how and why this guy would have this as his defense team…because I know for a fact this team couldn’t have beaten my defense team

eam couldn’t have beaten my defense team

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Cup dropping. Makes it easier to fill his chest if he drops down.


Wow…I didnt realize it was that serious…some people put too much into stacking and keeping cups

It’s not about keeping cups, it’s about being able to fill a raid chest with low level opponents.

So you get 5 easy kills for your chest and then they, assuming they have a much better team, can revenge you at low risk.


I don’t think that’s what happened. He must have set this team to attack someone with a purple tank, maybe Aeron or bosswolf. And he mistakenly changed his defense team to attack. He may not have perceived that is his defense team

I think you read wrong. He meant using 5 purple trainers as def team. :joy:


Oh right! The defense team was the one below. :grin::grin::joy:

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You fool.
Fear the trainers :face_with_monocle:


I once faced a team of five Brands back when I practiced cup-dropping.

I fled.


My drop trophies team is Layla, Jenneh, Nash, Ragnhild, Jill lol. Im not sure if its less or more obvious than just using trainer heroes