Some ways to improve the game

You can introduce the production of 4 * artefacts from other artifacts plus new ones needed to make them. Expansion of the empire. Shop with Bohaters already improved eg up to 3 beams, etc.Pivot alliances below 10 people that are already over a month and increase the number of places in alliances from 30 to 50. The possibility of putting one hero in a common corner from which you can replace the hero for the weaker allies once and for every six months And not only Just in the Alliance

Produce 4* mats?

20 concerns

I think you wanted “heroes” instead of “bohaters”. I think that’s the correct translation from Polish.

Also, I’m not sure what you mean by “pivot alliances below 10 people.” Could you explain that a little more?

As for the hero trading idea, I’m afraid it’s already been ruled out for the present by SG. But it’s good to keep raising the idea so they know people are interested.

Hello.:sunglasses: I’m sorry I’m pushing in here, but either I’m still blocked, or the structure of this forum does not reach me. Namely, it is the soonest approach to my requests and ideas. So I wanted to ask for improvement of the automatic combat algorithms on the map, as the worst possible moves are even not random. And it’s better for my 3-year-old daughter when he moves these blocks, sometimes getting in touch with him. Really, no offense to the creators, I checked it today. For example, enter an algorithm that does not use a special hero attack on a monster who has less than 20% of life if there is another skirmish. Do not use this attack when it is possible to knock the monster with a so-called block. The priority of the attack on the monster which is the first in the queue. Stronngest atack by first. And many others. He understands that this is a car fight and should not play computer for us on our level or better, but without exaggeration with the team that I win in 18 provinces, the computer loses in 12, and 3 year passes without losing the hero, many times. Sorry for translator.:grin:. And thanks for good game. Junior.

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