Some very rare praise for the game, from a currently bitter critic

Lately most of my posts here have been very critical of the game (well, more specifically, the pricing model; the game itself is okay once you learn to accept that RNG is gonna RNG and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it)…

I would like to just thank SG/Zynga for actually (for the first time that I’m aware of at least) putting unfarmable ascension materials in the gem store without tying them to some kind of larger purchase.

IIRC it was something like a compass, hidden blade and some other item (refill potion I believe?) for 500 gems, no strings attached. That means that even F2P could purchase it directly without lootbox RNG or credit card info (assuming they had 500 gems saved up at the time).

I know that seems like a small thing. Many of you might balk and say, “eh, I have tons of hidden blades and compasses already anyway, I get those every other day…” well I don’t. I know they’re just 3* mats and not nearly as rare as the 4* (I need more of those too, would love to see them added to the gem store)… but for me, seeing a deal like that in the “store” available to all players, honestly it lowered my anger towards the game by a significant degree. I’m now going to start saving up gems in the hopes that they have more offers like this in the future.

Would be nice to eventually see some 4* items in there (I know, I know, you have to limit them to keep everyone from progressing too fast… but I could really use one more set of darts… just need one… already have tons of orbs and all the other stuff…)…

… but uh… anyway… yeah I don’t care for the hero summoning odds and have accepted my lower status as a carrier of a primarily S1 TC20 hero roster. Just got a tiny burst of excitement after seeing that offer and realizing that, if they keep putting unfarmable mats in the gem store, I might at least not have to wait 5 more years before I can finish leveling up my trash roster. :grin:

Sincerely, though, I like it. Keep putting stuff like that in the store on a regular basis, and I might actually drop a few more dollars on the game in the future :+1:

I mean, like, not a ton, I’m not a whale, but… at least maybe enough for you guys to replace that flickering light bulb in the employee bathroom.




F.w.i.w this offer (I believe you’re referring to the 500 gems for 1x Hidden Blade, 1x Compass & something else) does come round fairly often… It cycles through most (all) of the 3* Unfarmable Ascension Materials at some-stage or another…

@zephyr1 might have some screenshots of all the offers which are 500 gems for the 2x 3* materials?


Yes that is the offer. If you say they’ve been around for a while, I’ll have to take your word for it. I just never saw them before because I almost never look at the gem store. That one just jumped up at me in a popup, and I was very surprised to not see a $ or a “chance of X number of these items” attached to it.

If they really have been around for a while, I have to kick myself. After waiting months to get one stupid compass in my random loot, meanwhile spending hundreds of gems summoning 3* heroes? Good lord. I’d much rather be able to ascend a hero I already own than take my chances playing the damn hero lottery.

Anyway, I still think the summoning odds are trash, but yeah, it’s cool to know that I can at least get guaranteed ascension materials more than once every couple of months from quests, because RNG hates my guts and never gives me the items I need (until I no longer need them, then a week later I get 5 in a row… arrrgh)


I do, mixed in with other screenshots.

But yes, I can confirm that we’ve seen these offers before, that they rotate, and that they’ve been going on for a long time.

Here’s one from February 23, 2019 as an example:


I had tracked them for awhile back when I needed those items. One came around about every 8 weeks. And yes it cycled through the colors.


But he is saying gem shop and not special offers? Are you talking two different things?

He is referring to that offer :slight_smile:

There has never been a guaranteed “ascension item” offer IN the shop itself.



I’m starting to think this title needs to be changed to read:

From a formerly bitter critic :wink:


LOL let’s not get TOO carried away now.


LOL well I’m still a bit bitter. I still don’t like lootboxes. I still think most of the “deals” they try to sell are overpriced and the summoning odds are way too low. I’m just happy to see that we can actually “buy” GUARANTEED unfarmable ascension items with gems (which can be earned in game without spending money, albeit at a much slower rate, but still…). Usually the only offers I see in the shop are stuff like “300 gems: guaranteed to get at least 2 of the following: compass, hidden blade, mystic rings, backpack, wooden sword” etc. My luck? I’d spend 300 gems and get a backpack and a wooden sword. And then I’d be tempted to come on here to rant about it, but it would be my own fault for falling for the bait in the first place, and you would all just tell me “duh, it says right there that you’re not guaranteed to get the good items, buyer beware”. Which is why I absolutely refuse to buy those offers.

But an offer that has guaranteed unfarmables in them that aren’t tied to a larger gem purchase? Yes please. Those offers I like, and would like to see more of them.

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For the record, I didn’t flag you. I fully fully understand why many players are unhappy with… well, a lot of stuff in the game. The intention of this thread wasn’t to kiss their butts and say “oh thank you, thank you master for these tiny crumbs”. The intention of most of my opinionated rants here are to try to encourage the devs to make the game more fair and newbie / FTP / CTP friendly to all players (whilst still also rewarding those who have made significant financial contributions).

I just thought that releasing anything that wasn’t tied to a direct cash purchase was a good move on their part, and I’d like to see more of that in the future.

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