Some thoughts about rainbow attack team

Here is my fear regarding colour stacking in war. If I were to use two Sartanas or two Liannas on a team then I won’t have one for later. In a rainbow I have two chances with those heroes.

I guess what I’m saying is, I’m taking a chance on creating 3 really strong colour stacked teams and then having 3 weakened teams remaining.

My strategy is to look for three war opponents with different colored tanks to field different stacks. If all others have the same tank color, I have to improvise a little or try to attack much weaker teams with my rainbows. But that did happen only once so far. We are a close to midfield alliance with an amount of about 30 unused tickets every time. Loss win ratio is about 3:2, but it’s a fun alliance and I’m not a must win at every cost type of player. I’m satisfied like it is…

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If you can find war opponents with different coloured tanks, then you’re facing alliances which I don’t see. Seems like months ago everyone in war started using the same colour tank.


You are talking high level alliances… Those are few and close circuit. The higher you climb the ladder, the more you start facing the same alliances… but the vast majority of the alliances can’t even think about using same color tanks… I don’t have nothing to back my opinion whit, but I have a gut feeling that far less than 10% of the current enlisted alliances are able to successfully use same color tanks, due either to required color hero shortage or to the absence of strategic coordination… You might say, those high alliances are the only ones that matter… and you are right to some degree… those are the only ones that matter for their own members. But for about one million players the only alliance that matters is their own…

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That’s a totally fair perspective. Still, given the widely held preference for colour stacking on attack, I think lower level alliances would be well advised to adopt a same colour tank strategy even if it required some players to use relatively weak heroes as tanks. (This is always the necessary compromise.)

Do you really think weaker alliances lack the ability to coordinate their members sufficiently to do that? That’s pretty basic stuff.


There are imho three main reasons for weaker alliances not to set up same color tanks.

Roster depth, inactivity and communication fail.

These are ours so far…


It is pretty hard actually coordinating a lower level alliance. Take mine for example. We are 75k alliance score 160K war score, we currently are fielding 20 teams out of 25 members. Out of 20 we have: 7 purple, 4 blue, 4 green, 3 red and 2 yellow tanks. So, let’s say (simple as possible) I could get everyone to switch to purple for the next war, no way I’ll be able to do that for this one, as we only communicate via chat. But even if I could, that would mean replacing a 4* Chao with a 3* Oberon, a Kashrek with a Tiburtus, a 4* Buddy with a 3* Balthazar, a 4* Gormek with another 3* Balthazar, a maxed Boril for an underdeveloped Tiburtus, another Boril and a Colen for some heroes that are not on the defense teams… I don’t know if weakening our defenses on purpose like that would really help us win the war. Some of those substitute tanks would be easy prey and would not require stacking colors against them.


You make reasonable points. I’d still recommend you try out the use of one colour for your tanks - you might find that the sacrifice in tank power is more than offset by the success you have in stymieing your opponents’ ability to stack against you. (Spoiler: I’m confident that this is exactly what you’d find.)

If you’re genuinely struggling to communicate with your members then you might like to consider a new alliance. The game is full of active alliances desperate for active players to fill a few empty roster spots. You don’t need to stick around anywhere the players don’t communicate.


Mine far from top (only 120k, 29 members atm) and we using one colour tank strategy. Sometimes facing one colour tanks but majority on our level not using one colour tank strategy.

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My most common team is 2-1-1-1, but I do use 2-2-1 and rainbow occasionally.

Why rainbow?

  1. Because I am no more than 200, and more typically 100 points or fewer below anyone I attack, so I can effectively beat them with a rainbow team fairly easily.

  2. because sometimes I need a set of unique skills that I can only put together through rainbow, or give me a better shot at winning if the same skill (like debuf) is in two different colors and the other heroes I want to bring are my core team.

  3. because I have a deep enough bench to put together many targeted teams.

  4. Because variety is fun

I think to do rainbow effectively and consistently , 1-3 above are important.

To answer questions:

  • For raids never. For war sometimes, but not often. On the map sometimes - especially those foggy season 2 stages. For titans nearly always.

Yes. I have both mana and crit troops, But I tend to use mana troops more often, it depends on the hero and my available troops

I use a mixture of very fast, fast, average depending on the team I’m facing. I agree with @Brobb, that SOME slow heroes are unfairly maligned just because they are slow mana. Most typically I have at least two or three fast or very fast heroes in my raid teams, but again it is situational.

Not so much anymore. Well as a % of times at bat I have lost against Morgan more often than any other tank. She’s tricky, but I think I may have found her number. I see her so rarely though I haven’t validated it.

I don’t really track that, so I did a quick count. I’ll only talk about 4 and 5 stars at tier 4, though they may not all be at max. I have 14 5 stars in the 4th tier and 21 4 stars in the 4th tier. it was a quick count, I may be off by one or two.

4 of the 5 stars are regular (though I have more unascended regular 5 stars). I use all 4 consistently in raids.

About half my 4 stars are regular.

On the low end I sit in the upper 25xx, on the high I’ve been over 29xx. So + or - from that.


I’ll Zephyr1 that issue for the thread:

It’s a good discussion on the strengths and challenges :slight_smile:

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Our allience is I think a pretty mid level allience with decent mix of leveled players both free and spenders with 25 of our 27 having been together for at least 5 months plus now and getting to know each other quite well. For the last 3 months at least we have only lost maybe 1 in every 10 AW’s and only in the last 5 matches have we been able able to do resets. Our opponents for the last half dozen or so matches have had 4 to 6 teams with over 4000tp and the rest with mixed 3000 to 3800 compared to our alliance which can only produce 1 player with a 4000 strong team and the rest averaging below 3600 with 60% under 2800 and we have reset those opponents each time and won except for our last match which had 6 teams over 4000 and although we reset them them once but they reset us twice and we lost. Was actually the most exciting AW match to date with at least 3 quarters of all members on both sides online for almost the whole 24hrs of that match going head to head , one for one. Was amazing to be part of that one.

As an allience we are strong (at least we feel we are) as we grow together as a team working and helping each other our daily.

I say this because an allience that is loyal and works together will always out gun one that doesn’t. I feel this plays a big part in winning and losing over colour tank strategies.

We have tried the same colour tank no matter what level hero options as we are always looking around at different strategies but I feel this may work on lower leveled alliences it wasn’t a good one for us as we got slaughtered.
As stated above I also feel same colour tanks would work best with stronger higher leveled alliences competing against more evenly matched opponents where the spectrum wouldn’t be as large a diverse amount of players.

So now we stick to each using their strongest tank/ teams and work with that which works for us as we do win and I think losing 1 in 10 is a good outcome.

Since we do work as team once every member has their strongest possible team set the rest for us is concentrating our attacks as a whole.

So in general same colour tanks is a strategy but with without a decent loyal alliance it really won’t make that much difference as strategy is a communication thing as a whole

That’s my 3 cents worth, lol

Have fun

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There were a lot of excellent quotes in your post. I think you are correct in saying that until your whole alliance is in a position to field decent coordinated tanks, that you are best served by encouraging everyone to use their best, and strongest defense teams.

I feel we have an excellent alliance, with players who communicate well and support each other. Even so, we didn’t implement the single tank colour until very recently. The vast majority of our players were able to make the switch with only minor drops in team power.

I was amazed that from the time the suggestion was made (by one of our players, not by me), we made the switch within 48 hours, in time for the next war, with 100% participation.

I believe it happened so quickly because of the trust we’ve built, and the willingness of our members to listen and heed advice. No one challenged our decision and all jumped on board.

So, continue on your excellent path of building trust, finding ways to communicate so your members will listen and, hopefully, one day you’ll know when your alliance is ready for a strategy change.

Right now I’m all about rainbow at my level. It’ll probably change as I level up my heros though. The only time I don’t commit to rainbow is with the Titans. I usually replace the weaker color with a strong one. So like 3-2. Three of my good heros and then two strong colored ones. Example would be against yellow/holy Titan, I’d go 2 purples, green, blue, and red.

My current defense team and attack team shown.

Here is another hard to swallow story for ya.

YES we won this last AW as well m8 and they had 5 teams over 4000 and only 2 teams under 3400.

RNG yes but without good leadership and communication the RNG means nothing weather good or bad.

It’s of topic but I feel like sharing this thoughts… This coming war is the second I’m trying to get the alliance to use one color tanks. We field 20 teams, after a week of continuous reminders and keeping an constant eye out for who gets online and when, we now have 15 same color tanks… I swear some people just don’t read the chat, or some don’t care… I also had the unpleasant surprise to have some long time members (around level 25) that had no idea how to change their war tank. At least they had the decency to show interest and compelled to my request when guided. For a small alliance it’s not easy finding good members and kicking people out without proper motivation is suicide… We got down from 30 members to 25 since we turned invite only and set a trophy limit. And we only got rid of the inactives… Still we won 4 of the last 5 wars, even if we had no easy times fighting them… that has to count for something… we are facing a tough match this time, I’m curious to what degree the one color partly implemented strategy will be of use…

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Choosing a same colour tank is not (in my opinion) only about just doing that as more reasons come into play to make that strategy work. It takes time within the allience to work out what heros every member has and what teens they can make to counterattack that option so that defenses work. It’s not just about picking a tank colour.

Well, it has to start somewhere…

Of cause and gl to ya’s all.
It’s not easy trying to get 30 players from different timezones working as one but you can achieve that you will start to see many changes within your alliance in a good way.

Good luck

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First Dragonlance reference I’ve seen in a long while. Great name!!!

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