Some thoughts about rainbow attack team

So far I have impression that rainbow attack team is mostly dead strategy based on hope to get board with diamonds to charge heroes or kill opponents with lots of low damage tiles. And rainbow worth with fast mana snipers with mana troops which I very hard to get.
So maybe add new game mechanic like “harmony” bonus which activates when you take rainbow attack team and give increased tile damage or increase mana charging.
May be wrong about rainbow teams but that what I experienced.
Any comments?

Earlier today, I killed this:

…using this:

Rainbow vs Rainbow. WHOA, DOUBLE RAINBOW!


It’s an interesting idea. That said, I’m not sure that rainbow is as dead as all that. There are several in the community who are pretty effective with rainbow teams, and who probably ought to be weighing in here on its effectiveness, and on your idea to strengthen it.

@Brobb, @KingArchur, @General_Confusion, @DoctorStrange thoughts?

Apologies if I’ve left other rainbow users off the list.


anyteam that is rainbow and within a hundred points of my power level i can rainbow and beat

I feel that all combinations are viable it just comes down to personal preferences. I’ve had success with mono, 4-1, 3-2, 2-2-1, 3-1-1, and 2-1-1-1 as well. I switch around for fun or If I especially want to try out a specific combination against a specific defense.


No need to buff rainbow, it’s already a really consistent strategy. Getting cascades is important, but even X2 or x3 combos is sufficient and very doable. Those same combos actually can be a detriment when running other compositions.

Combos and diamonds are how you get high scores in all match 3 games, not sure why this one would have to be different in that regard.

Thanks for the invite, @Garanwyn.

I have 12 fully ascended 5* heroes including 4 HOTM, so whatever defense I face, I can tailor a suitable 5* rainbow attack team. (Cleanse or debuff? Fast sniper or slow AOE?)

With a tailored rainbow team I can be very confident (not certain, but nearly) of beating any defence. With a stacked team I know that sometimes I’ll lose. I don’t think rainbow needs any more help.


A few other random thoughts, while I’m at it.

  • I used to qualify my preference for a rainbow team by pointing out that I stack against Guin tanks. I have now stopped doing that. When I’m raiding to win, I now only ever use rainbow teams.

  • I still think fast mana is overrated on both attack and defence.

  • Raiding with stacked teams can be fun. There’s nothing more satisfying than setting off a cascade of your heavy colour and watching the enemy melt like candles in a microwave.

  • Raiding with stacked teams can also be miserable. There’s nothing more frustrating than setting off a cascade of your missing colour and watching as tiles are replaced mostly with tiles of your missing colour.

  • Stacking is still the best way (that I know) to beat teams that are significantly stronger than you.


Defense: Rainbow

3 against the tank
2 against the prank or flank


Yeah, but 3-2 is not rainbow in my understanding. It’s more like mid-stacking.

Certainly :sunglasses:

3/2 is actually pretty heavy stacking, but @Olmor did not imply it was rainbow. He just stated he uses it for attack. Which I totally agree on. 3/2 is the best strategy for me. When I ride against similar enemies in order to fill up the chest, using 3/2 I usually win at least seven out of the eight needed raids.

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I know. Just to be clear. Because we talking about rainbow here :wink:


Have few questions to those who plays rainbow (especially 1-1-1-1-1). Do you use Wu\Tarlak? Have mana troops? How much you use fast, average, slow heroes in raids on average? Have problems with some specific tanks? How many 4* and 5*? How many ordinary heroes and how many seasonal/Hotm heroes? And which teampower you play against?

Just curious because was disappointed in rainbow long ago, but since then my roster was very improved. So maybe worth a try.

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I think rainbow becomes an effective strategy only after you get a really strong team. I’m thinking 5*, and not only TC20 ones… I think it would be interesting if the rainbow supporters would state their top 5 attack heroes.


I used to have a rainbow attack, but found that specials charge way too intermitantly for higher tiers. I personally like 3-2 or 2-2-1 depending on threats.

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I also do rainbow farming, since it seems to be faster than a stack.

Mono for the ultimate gamblers. lol


Yeah. I also farm with defence team. But in farming mostly no danger to lose ))


Mono is kamikaze… I don’t like it… I only use it on titans if anything else seem to fail…

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I prefer mana, but can only field high level mana troops in three colours.

Mostly slow with some average. Zim and Joon are the only fast heroes I regularly use on attack, and seldom together.

Yup. I think I lose to Justice, Elena and Delilah more than other people. (That’s my perception, anyway.) On the other hand, I love GM tanks.

All 5*.

I usually use Alby and Hel. I sometimes use Zim. I have Evelyn but I never (edit: well, hardly ever) use her. All the rest are ‘ordinary’.

I fight any team power.


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