Some things must be done

Hi everyone.
This will be a “rant” post because so many things going to be worse and worse.

I’n lvl 77 so yeah im playing this game a few years.

More op heros are releaesed every month. Season 1 and season 2 heros fall to far behind.
Even costumes are not enough, and putting the buff behind paywall is a joke.
Ive never seen a compay so greedy.

They must be buffed again.
Example inari…my inari is +20 limitbreakt but a joke compared to costume kadilen…

Spending money is a joke. Even if you purchase some offers to get a few summons you only get crap.
EVERY single time.
Im playing this game a few years now and the odds are changed no matter if its still 1.3 percent.

Give us a chance to replay season 2 3 4 once a year to give us a chance to get some heros . Maybe a token every year when this game has its birthday
A reset token for each season 2 3 4.
It would not hurt game purchases but would be nice for Many players !!

Many people are in “short work” in german kurzarbeit.
We cant buy every offer to get even with high spenders.
It was the same proplem years ago but its getting worse and worse every month.

Op heros everywehere now and low and mid tier spenders have no chance.

I cant purchase offers for season 3 or 4 for a chance to get some heros there, and you give us zero chance to get some coins for free summons.

Oh and btw, completet season 4 normal and purchase pov so i had some season 4 coins to spend…and yea zero 5* hero…only 3 and 4* heros dupes and crap.
WTF??? The odds were never that bad…playing further is nearly pointless…
My clanmates have the same probem…some make a break because they are angry or quitt…

You pushing your players further and further away . Ofc the high tier spenders dont care …

For example events only high tier spenders are able to get high ranks for better rewards…only high tier spenders have enough heros to complete the ■■■■■■■ towers to get the best rewards.

Normal players or mid tier spenders have nearly zero chances…

Tldr: heros of season 1 and 2 need a buff completly.
Stop putting buffs behind ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ costumes.
Many heros need rebalance…
Give us a chance to replay every season once a year.
Chests need better rewards…also titan and warchest…titan loot should be better also .
Even tournaments need better rewards…you cant win against a player with full emblemed top tier heros…
You get kicked out fast and even with luck top 10… rewards are a joke again…

Oh and btw slow down !!! season 5 is coming already with even more op heros.
Stop spamming the screen with offers. Its getting out of control.

Make offers cheaper . Half the price for offers its a joke when i see the price for game offers. Every time i see a new 300 percent worth offer i think do they realy think that way ??? I mean…really ???

Sorry english is not my main language. But that are things i had to say. Now after a few years i really think to quit…

Oh and btw, soul exchange is a punch in the face for every player…the costs…my whole clan could not belive how high the costs are…


Oh and even elemtal chests are getting worse…
3 silver tokens a few dias and emblemss …wtf.
There should be zero silver tokens inside.

Add gold tokens and ether . Thats what people need.

My last few elemental chest were really bad and im not happy anymore when i get one…


For example a clanmate offered 22!!! Energy flasks to complete season 4 for summoning season 4 portal.

He got nothing and he makes a break and no one knows how long but i complety understand him.

Like i said i also completet season 4 and got nothing good out of it…i was really pissed of but played further but now i’m close to quitt completly.


Agree with elemental chests! No more silver coins please.


I 99% agree with OP.
But for your mental health’s sake, you MUST be aware of what this is: isn’t a game or esport, as someone of us would like, it’s more of a visual experience with heavy randomness.
You MUST aknowledge that when you buy some offers you’re not buying alfrike, Elizabeth or whatever, instead you’re paying for the summon itself, and you MUST know that the summon will likely ends up being Dawa or Ulmer.

My suggestion is: things are unlikely to change, they can only get worse. Spend your time and money accordingly.


Hi Krull,

I am a level 81 ftp playing almost 4 years.

Yep powercreep last year was bad.
Yep they started hideing game content behind paywalls last year. ( Towers )

No the hotm have not been over the top recently.

You compare your Inari with the probabely most powerfull costumed TC20 hero so I think you are exaggerateing a little bit here and have a personal point of view.

Dont spend money if you dont want to.

They gave out free tokens for the 5th anniversary.

What chance exactely do no to mid tier spenders not have?

The chance for a 5* hero ( non vanilla ) is 1.3 %. So if you have average luck you will get 1 5*/100 summons!

The odds for single summons have not changed, but they have become better over all for ftp because there are more portals and events with free summons.

Why should all the loot improve suddenly? It has been bad for about 5 years! :slight_smile:

I agree that my results in the 5* tournaments have worsened a lot because of last years seasonal heros but 3* and 4* tournaments are still ok. ( which means top 5% or better with paying 75 gems max.)

What is wrong with offers. You do not have to buy them!!!

Whats wrong with soul exchange? I never used a 5* hero as a feeder and could get J.F. for 15 dupes.
Finally I have some more hero spaces left! :slight_smile:
Probabely will not be able to repeat this until hopefully 2024 if I or the game are still around then. :slight_smile:

So stopp paying and enjoy the game as long as it stays fun!


Gz. You dont understand my point if view


That doesent really help to make me understand you better. :slight_smile:

This game goes more and more AND more to p2w.
OP heros every month with heros a normal player never gets his hand on it. Or after a few years with much luck but even then they are outdated and need costumes again…

More and more portals change nothing.

Chests and rewards are getting worse and worse.
Silvertokens…3 of them in elementalchests…yay…

Balance ??? Where ???
There is zero balance in this game anymore because they release too much new heros in less time.

Telli was a joke compared to the new heros.
A normal player cant finish tower because of ■■■■ curses.
A normal player cant get high ranks in events or tournaments.

You play much longer than me and had maybe much more luck pulling 5* heros in this time.
You also have more emblemed heros.

So in think ( no offense ) you cant speak here.

Hero buffs behind a paywall…wtf…costumes and emblemes and also limitbreakers should have been never released


But why do you think this game should be for f2p and c2p players? At the end of the day this is a business thats been going on for more then 5 years successfully. Their purpose is to make profits. And you don’t make money by giving free stuff


There is no WIN in this game, it is an ongoing saga. If you feel you need to spend money and have the newest, shiniest heroes then maybe it is time to take a break from the game. I have been playing for over 4 years and have more HOTM than S2, 3, and 4 5* heroes. You need to find what you enjoy and how to play to maximize that. If you need to be in the top of everything to get satisfaction of the game then open the wallet or find a different game.


That’s as it should be. You shouldn’t be even if you don’t spend. This is not supposed to be “fair”


To be honest, if a low or non-spender does stand a chance competing with a real high-spender, then the game is actually UNFAIR. Like you bought a bicycle and asked that the Ferrari owner gives you a fair fight at 5 km/hr.

I accept that I won’t be competing in any way with the big pockets, from day one. The game is a game of progress, at least to me, i.e., I am happy that I am getting stronger than last week, last month, last tournament, last event.


I strongly disagree here, and I may argue later.
But assuming you’re right (and I firmly believe you’re not), can you tell me why there’s neither a fixed price to download the app or a monthly subscribe fee?

There won’t be any change in their roadmap I guess. They stated this in their AMA. They have even repeated it in the February Balance explanation, just yesterday.

The game needs variety in the defenses, hence they are implementing so many, hard to obtain, new heroes. You can see from the Top Alliances, that there are still many players willing to pay a lot of money to get these heroes. So for the players - you always have to chase the rabbit, for them - the bank account is filling. Win-win for them.

Therefore, if there is sufficient demand for these heroes, they won’t make the pulls any cheaper. They made other stuff somewhat cheaper - e.g. AMs, which are included in the new offers without gems. The path of valor was also buffed this month.

I got an impression, that they actually released a new game last year - All brand new challenge Events, and the rest of the new stuff - the S1, S2 and the old events - could have disappeared (the latter actually did). This is good for the new players, they can summon in the new portals, leave the old ones and have a chance for the shiny ones. Even some of the old ‘key’ heroes can be substituted with the new ones, e.g. good ol’ Wilbur can be substituted with Eichbelborg from Circus for the titan def down.

In the case of Inari - I also have her LB’d and she is a monster. Maybe Kad is a bit better on defense, but on offense, Inari is better IMO :slight_smile:

Because this would severely cripple the number of people downloading the app. It’s easier trapping people once they’ve taking the bait, downloaded the app and got a taste of the goodies. Once they’re hooked, there’s a far greater chance they would widely open their wallets, doing their part to suppoort the cash flow that fuels SG’s accounts. An upfront payment or a monthly fee would interfere with the process. This forum should have a thread pinned up, where players would come clean about how much money they lost here. I bet some of them could have bought a nice car, payed for their kid’s tuition, some even buy a house and a select few could have ended the hunger in some third world country with their investment in E&P. But then again, few people would have it in them to step forward and admit they spent a fortune on a mobile game… it’s just like admitting you have a gambling problem.


Because that’s not the way to the greatest profit. The freemium model allows for a large base of players who don’t spend and then those who want to compete at higher levels can spend as much as they like.

They do have a subscription in a sense with VIP and Valor.

But having options to spend at all levels is the best way to tailor the spend to each wallet, and if you don’t want to spend you can play nearly the whole game for free and do well if you have good planning and strategy.

But those who don’t want to put money in the game should be ok with enjoying their play at the level they are and not feel compelled to compete at the level of big spenders. The idea that the entire play base, free and spenders, should have equal opportunity is ridiculous.


Well, you’re actually saying that players (including you) are pumpkins to harvest, cows to milks or whatever other example you want :joy: and look, if that’s ok with you, who am I to say you shouldn’t do this?

Big nope for me. I used to play a lot of games where the skillful players were in the top leaderboards, regardless on the money spent. First two examples are League of Legends, where you could buy skins or cosmetics, and most heroes were quite balanced, and Hearthstone, wich implements a similar gacha mechanics but with duplicate protection AND pity timer, and where the skill Is higly predominant over rng.


and that my friend is the big issue, how many people have posted " I spend lots of money $$$$ and how a lower level team bits me!!!" Talking about entitlement!!! It is all about skill at it should be.

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No, it’s more like I spend a ton of time playing and I have no problem spending an amount of money for my entertainment I feel is appropriate.

Is this a non profit? Why do people so resent them earning money for creating a product we all enjoy?