Some team advice

After adding some new heroes to my line up i am finding it hard to know exactly who should go where. Always appreciate the help i get here so here we go again. I am looking for teams for raid defense, raid offense, and titans. Thank you very much!

I have to work with:
Marjana 3rd ascension on way to lvl 60
Boril lvl 70
Caed lvl 70
Li Xu lvl 70
Sabina 4th ascension on way to 70
Chao lvl 60*
Scarlet lvl 60
Sonya lvl 60
Wu Kong 2nd ascension*
Boldtusk untouched
Kelie untouched

*I have the mats to take chao or wu to 4th ascension but not sure which is better for me. I think i could use help with titans but raiding is my favorite part of e&p.

I’ll let those better than me help you assemble the team. :slight_smile:

Just wanted to say, spend your ascension materials on what you actually play in-game; if Titans, then WuKong, if Raid, then Chao…though I want to say WuKong again, simply because I’m a Titan girl :grin:

Boldtusk is good for everything. Get him maxed asap.

For titans - Wukong is your main dmg dealer. His buff stacks with other attack buffs. Adding defense reduction and stacking extra colours, and you are set.

Raids attack - common thing here is have heroes with fast mana and atleast one person with debuffs. Swap your heroes and needed. Marjana is probably always going to be in your line up.

Raid defense - see leaderboard… fastest advice i can give

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