Some suggestions to the game operator

1 - It is recommended to raise the war flag to 10 flags because it currently increases the intensity of the war.
2 - In the map and train generals should choose the number of items to prepare or the number of generals to train to save time for gamers.
3 - Create 1 item for a long time so gamers can accumulate iron when needed.
4 - Making extra challenges for a fee to allow gamers to challenge each other.

For your point number 1, check here: We need 8 or 10 war flags

Not sure what you are asking for in number 2 or 3

Generally, in this thread it is good to put separate ideas in separate threads so each one can stand on their own merit.


Suggestion 1 has been discussed elsewhere. Unless you can recycle heroes it makes wars really bad for probably 50% of the playerbase. Getting 30 decent heroes is hard enough, now we need to have 50?


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