Some suggestions in game

Hi community this is my suggestions

  1. Introduce replay button in raids
    Reason: when this happened then players can watch the replay and see what is the weakness in the defence team and adjust. This will help a lot to find weakness or loop holes in the defence team

  2. Introduce more arena and ranking tournaments for raid
    Reason: if introduce more arena than diamond then its fun for players to compute and go up and up and raid tournaments means independent tournaments which will rank players based on global rank for 1 week and put the number one player in the top of the list until other tournament starts and provide points based on the points and rewards . ( sry my English may be bad as my mother tongue not English )

  3. Donation within clan members
    Reason: some players are over loaded with resources and recurits so which allows that players to donate donation and recurits and 1 2 or 3 star heroes to needy players within the clan only.


Hi @TheBeastxGreat

Always worth a search before posting :slightly_smiling_face:


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