Some small requests for Alliance Wars

A couple features I would like to see in AW to help with tracking team participation and planning attacks:

  1. Hit Counter - showing the number of Flags used on each side (x/90 Vs x/90) This would be immensely helpful in tracking participation from both sides

  2. A complete list of attackers - just add those that haven’t attacked to the bottom of the “Top Attackers” list showing a score of 0. Also helpful in tracking participation, would give leaders an idea of who needs to “motivated”!

  3. Revive Counter - showing the number of times each team has been defeated and revived. Would help leaders determine their “weakest links” and provide aid in future preparations.

  4. Show possible points available for each team from the battlefield view. Just cause I’m lazy and don’t want to have to tap the “info” button 30 times! :stuck_out_tongue:


All of the above would be very useful. I have a small training alliance. I’ve had to do a lot of figuring to gauge who is and isn’t participating. I don’t math and you are forcing me to math! Scrolling through that long list could be avoided with these simple fixes.

And the most important change the matchmaking or the cup dropping alliances will be the best in AW. Forget about the alliance score because is weak and can be exploit all the way with ease. Top 30 hero rooster matters and that is the right way to match opponents in AW. That’s I think is the first thing to fix about AW.

This is definitely a great idea! Seeing how many hits your alliance has remaining definitely helps with motivation and strategy.

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Hello all,

really good ideas. Let me add that I also want to see in my rooster (when I am in my base) which heros were used for current war already. Then I can decide which kind of enemy is best for the heros left in rooster. That’s way easier than choose an opponent just to recognize that this one is too strong for your remaining heros.


I would also like to see that when I or my team has done an update but our opponents haven’t, we cannot see their teams due to using a different version, which is obviously a difficult thing in considering the kind of defence teams to field.

Secondly I would like to see a provision for leaders or co-leaders to be able to exclude a member of our alliance if that member is either too weak and creating easy points for the opposition or they have a less than desirable team fielded ie one, two or three weak Hero’s when they have much stronger in their bank, obviously I am aware we could kick said members, and we are a multicultural team and as such a couple of members seem to not communicate, they participate in titans and in offence in wars but have for some reason put up a less than desirable team on defence and give away easy points, if we could exclude for one war they may be prompted to either contact us or leave, either works for me.


I completely agree with the Sorsha’s idea of a AW roster available befor you selected an enemy to attack.

I’d also like to see somewhere in Alliance description a total number of battles/won battles statistics. Just as an information. Perhaps, it can be added as a third component to Alliance score.


Yeah, I am already sick of counting attacks from the list. I love AW, but this is the biggest downside of playing smart.

It would also be a cool feature to be able to see fights of others. Currently we can watch teammates crossing a bridge to attack, but not a battle itself. Ability to click a button “Watch a fight” and see how it goes in a real time might be interesting and useful, as spectators can find some mistakes and later discuss them in an Alliance chat.


Hello! During the war we can do 6 attacks ( 3 + 3). It will be nice if we can specify 6 teams. Today I only have space to create 5 teams.

Tks for attention.

I think this is definitely a long range feture. While it sounds interesting in concept I don’t think it is possible to recreate a real time board for an observer to be able to see. Maybe I am incorrect in this case, but I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

Also some people may prefer not to have someone else watching them as they fight as it may increase pressure on them too. In short while interesting I don’t think it would be a good idea to have people watching alliance war attacks.

Technically, sharing of a screen image is absolutely possible. It is widely used in teleconference applications like WebEx or TeamViewer.
As for the fact that some people may prefer not to allow others watching their fights… Well, it can be configurable in game settings. Some people intentionally record their games and publish them on youtube. I propose restricting audience to alliance members only.

Anyway, this is just a possible enhancement. Something that is “nice to have”.

5 teams that we can defined now have nothing to do with Alliance Wars. They can be used for raids, provinces and Titan attacks only. For Alliance Wars you define new team for each new enemy. I’m not sure that there is any reason for defining AW teams in advance.

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My ideia is: I can select my best 36 warriors and put into the teams. So they will not appear as available when I want to ascend and I can test the team in the missions.

I also can separe my teams to organize my attacks, for exemple, team 1 for the first attack, need to be the strong! the team 6 will be for the weak enemy. I can put a “doctor” (sorry for my english) for each team… That’s the main idea!

But thanks for attention!

To avoid using your heroes to level up other heroes, you can mark them as favorite. When you click on the hero, there is a small lock in the upper left corner. Click on that and your hero is locked and safe.

I urge you to think about customizing your attack team to the foe. You’ll want very different team compositions for taking down a fresh team with a yellow tank than if you’re cleaning up a Rigard and Kiril in the corners.

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