Some serious money spenders want to just quit out


This is not really a discussion but more for @mhalttu, @Petri and @Sara.

I have in my alliance some serious spenders, not talking the P2W kind, a class above that.

Talks are now in the air of just quitting out.

Not due to the game per say but due to them seeing that worries arent addressed but rather just swept under the carpet in some cases.

This last War bug and no compensation seems to be the last nail in the coffin, so I desperately ask SGG to make this right with the game community.

Me myself will continue on my C2P ways, but I assume that SGG really dont want to lose these kind of players. Im talking thousands each month.

Please guys, I have requested many things reasonably in the past to better the game that was implemented and @mhalttu for one have always listened with a keen ear.

I please ask you to act in a speedy fashion here, and ease the minds of these big spenders or … lose them … nothing to me really as I for one am not the one that got a lot to lose here.

Please guys.


Is someone really serious about quitting over this war crash???, too funny.

But thank them for paying for a game most play with little or no $$$.


This is a little pathetic. It’s not even been 24 hours and they’re getting all caught up over the war crash. Tell the m to grow up and just be patient and to stop acting like impetuous children.


The way the OP describes it, I don’t think that they’re quitting just because of the war crash. The crash was just the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s (or, in the case, whale’s) back.

There are discussions elsewhere about some war compensation. I’d urge people who want to make a constructive contribution to post there.


So a war was messed up big deal. â– â– â–  are people so bent out of shape because a war was taken away. People are acting like they took one of your 5* away

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There are more than 2 million active players. Let’s say half of them spends only 1 dollar a month, which is totally underestimated… you really think SG will roll over for a few thousands each month? On the other hand, why should the game be shaped after any of our opinions? What if I spend 100.000 $ a month and ask that all monsters in the game should wear pink dresses and pompons? You feel like SG should indulge my request? Would you still play the game then?

It depends on what you mean by “roll over”. The common suggestions for compensation is to toss some war points in everyone’s chest, or my simple suggestion of giving us each an alliance flask.

It’s amazing how small gestures matter to customers. People like patronizing businesses that they perceive as caring about them. When a company makes a mistake, a small act may not correct the mistake but it can go a long way to keeping customers happy.


The thing is, they may well compensate us, but people are being so impatient and expect the world in a plate yesterday. Let them fix the issue and release a. Full statement etc. Then if people have grievances fine, but at the moment it’s just a barrage of demands and quips without giving SG a chance to even fix the issue let alone consider some form of compensation.


I guess that’s the situation where “government don’t negotiate with terrorists”.
It’s a little extreme comparison, but it’s just to make me clear.

Supporting this kind of behaviour (where people threating the developers to leave the game) may lead others to do the same or others to feel “less important”.

So for absurd, waiting quietly was just better then doing this, as someone may misunderstood the compensation as a result of this threat.


My experience were different:

I and my friend went on a bar, worried about our sobriety when we would have attacked on war (we were argung if were the case to perform 6 attacks on sunday) and once we saw that the war were cancelled we just drinked as much as we usually do :beers:

Wars are a great fun but it could be hard to choose between them and drinking on weekends :wink:


All do respect @Kerridoc, I think you are doing a great job with the forum, I enjoy it very much. But war points should be awarded for winning wars, not for servers crushing. I think people don’t only fight in wars just for the rewards. I think they enjoy the actual fighting, the competition, so I would be more in favor of an unscheduled mini event with guaranteed ascension mats. That way everyone would have a chance to fight and win… or not, just like in war. What I mean by “roll over” is that, as imperfect as it is, we all love this game, so we should let SG decide what is best, not make threats of leaving if they don’t comply to our demands…

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Just give everyone 5 points for a win. Simple, easy and be done with it

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Thanks! I post mostly as me with my own ideas, and these are always up for debate and discussion. My opinions are just that–opinions, informed ones, I hope. My suggestion was for an alliance flask. But do post your thoughts in the main thread I linked earlier.


I think you need to tell them to chill out. It is the WEEKEND and not even normal business days so probably only a skeleton crew at the office or something. When they come back they still need to investigate what went wrong and decide on what to do so I would give them minimum til Wednesday at least to sort it out.


Honestly, I don’t think that a war issue should be a problem for 1000$/ month spenders :confused:


Comment removed to limit griping…


People are actually paying for this game?? LMFAO

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So players that spend $1000+ a month think they should be able to make demands from SG about how they implement their game because they think they have better ideas? That’s not how best to spend your money. I wouldn’t have thought that would work.

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I’ve already stopped paying for anything is this game. Do the same and let’s see what happens

If I had an extra $1,000 a month lying around, I’d dump it into my 401k before spending it on a phone game! :wink:


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