Some semblance of more balanced raid matches

I lost 8 out of the last 9 raid matches. I’m really getting sick of the skewed matches the system comes up with. It’s kind of ridiculous.

1: Reroll if the opponent is to hard.

2: Drop cups to get easier opponents.

3: Try different heros and learn strategies.

4: If all else fails, stop raiding.


What @Fledoble said… and this topic is well covered through the forums already with a lot of hints and tips.

I direct you to another thread that covers this topic and quite a lot of good material and hints / tips covered in there. I give my post as a landing point, and some good stuff follows it… but read above as well to get context.

This one below also has some good tips. Apologies if they are a bit ‘basic’ for you… and if they are, then I guess it’s cup dropping and picking your opponents to have an easier life. :wink:


I feel for you on this. Raids did suck for me also, but I figured them out and love raiding again. Others have posted a lot of good stuff, but I would like to add my own.

Raiding in the Top 1000, Pt. 1


Feldoble. I completely agree with your first 3 points, but disagree on the 4th. Raiding for trophies is a big part of the game and giving up on raiding I feel is not good advice. The simplest reason is filling the heroes wanted chest. I have got a lot of key asenstion materials from this chest.

I agree, filling the chest is important :slight_smile:

But if nothing else works and raids only bring your mood down, then I’ll take a “suboptimal happy gaming” over “angry optimal raiding” every day haha!

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Try double or triplestacking on the enemy tank and pray to the RNG god to give you a good board, that’s the best you can do. Before I tried it, raiding was frustrating for me as well, because i always had to face much stronger teams, but with this type of setup, I might have a chance (not always, but often).

Fledoble, Good point! I agree.

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