Some riddle - how to create the best defense team with THESE Heroes?

Hi all. I was thinking a lot, but still can’t choose the best defense team of these Heroes. Help me choose the best one.
Generał assumption is to choose theam when all Heroes are fully ascended and leveled.Screenshot_20190214-134551

You need some hitters in the lineup, currently something like Chao kiril kash cyp and li xiu would be very annoying
But I’d suggest, concentrate on 1 hero of each element, instead of trying to lvl Chao wu and li xiu all at once, possibly feed wu only 2* and Chao all your 1* holy
Then target some hitters, because the above lineup whilst annoying to fight, doesn’t really have a threat

I’m playing 7 months and still can’t pull any offensive 4* Heroes (20 pulls till now). I have also Gobbler but don’t feed him because of his very low defense :frowning:

Well hopefully you receive some good fortune from your tc 20, something like caedmon sonya tibs grimm Gormek colen scarlet, would be ideal for you to lvl up, in a perfect world you want to try and keep your def rainbow. 1 hero from each element

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