Some remaining questions for an intermediate F2P player

Auto farming and loot tickets are different things.

Auto farming is when you start the match but as soon as it starts just hit the ‘auto’ button in the top right corner.

The computer AI then takes over for you while you sit back and drink a beer

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I think all of your questions have been addressed very well. Best of luck in the game and plowing through all your new reading material! I hope I can add a couple of helpful comments.

TWO: To be clear, you can use Epic Hero Tokens for SEASONAL events, but NOT for challenge events. Without knowing how long you’ve been playing I’m not sure if this will make sense, but Christmas was a seasonal event. Pirates was a challenge event.

FOUR: Assessing if the tiles you’re about to match are neutral / strong / weak is one consideration. This may be too much information right now, but you may also want to take into account how much space you’re clearing out (hopefully for future strong matches), if the match will fill up the mana for one of your heroes to fire their special skill, and if (in raids) the match will fill up and fire an opponent’s special skill (which is often good, but sometimes actually to your benefit).

FIVE: You will get a lot of advice about lineups, and much of it will be contradictory. For that reason I think it’d be best to share a bit about why various replies may be given. This is all assuming your heroes are roughly leveled such that they’re of similar strength. Taking an extreme example, if your Onatel were completely un-leveled and your Boldtusk was completely leveled it would be silly to suggest Onatel would be a more suitable tank than Boldtusk.

Onatel: probably most will recommend her at tank due to her high defense and hit points. She also has a special that the opponent may find threatening. Because the tank occupies 3 of the 7 columns, they will tend to get hit the most at the start of a fight, meaning that their special is likely to be a relevant factor.

Rigard: I think most suggestions will put him at flank. Many regard healers in corners as sub-optimal because by the time they fire your team most of your team may already be dead. Generally left is better than right for cleaners (and de-buffers), since they make subsequent attacks by anyone who is charged up to the right more effective.

Grimm: he hits hard but is fragile. For this reason, many will want to put him in a corner (see the responses to your first question about splash damage - the corners get hit less).

Gobbler: if you don’t already know I will warn you right now; he is NOT well regarded, so most will favor trying to get him off your team. I don’t know what your training camp situation is / if you play on using your gems for summons, but if you have a reasonable pipeline of heroes it may be better to wait and try for a better green (I’m saying instead of investing heavily in leveling Gobbler). For example, doing an elemental summons when green comes up may be an option you should look at.

Boldtusk: you already seem to know he’ll get some tank love. He can be tough to take out because of his modest heal and his attack buff will be threatening to some opponents. I think Boldtusk is the most versatile hero of the ones you listed, so I’d probably design the team giving precedence to the strengths of your other heroes.

Putting that all together, my recommendation would be:
Gobbler, Rigard, Onatel, Boldtusk, Grimm

Take into account that putting a hero in the left or right corner means he is less likely to get hit by enemies that attack 3 heroes.
The only way to hit a hero in the left corner for example is to either hit the hero himself or the one to the right of him. If any of the other 3 heroes is targeted, the hero in the corner does not get hit. You can for example put your healer in the corner if the enemy has Tiburtus, Gormek or Drake etc. in his defence team.

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+1 to this. If the defense you are attacking has multi-target hitters (i.e no full team AOE or single target hitters but the 3 hitters), you should put your weaker team members there (unless they have a nearby-only buff/heal) or your healers there.

Thanks for your clear reply. You have really explained #1 well. I appreciate your time and effort. I could buff gobbler with the talent grid and his health is actually awesome for a 4*. Otherwise I’ll try an elemental summon or 2 :sweat_smile:

Thank you for this inside scoop on assessing tiles and boards. I’ve been realizing the value of clearing out piles of junk to create better boards. Its seems to be a question of timing. I’m tinkering with boldtusk and Onatel at tank. She seems stronger at my relatively low level (25) but i’m still getting him leveled up properly and I will get better at using him. Your team suggestion pure gold though.:ok_hand:

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Good point. What do you think is more common scenario, single-hitters or multi-hitters?
I’d have to set up a defense one way or another.

Not sure it matters for the purposes of your defense. Because you’ll be getting attacked by a human opponent, so they can target (presumably correctly) your weakest hero / the hero about to fire, etc.

I think the point that was being made was that, when you are attacking, the AI controlling the defense will more frequently hit players towards the center. So in the situations where you are raiding, putting your fragile / important heroes in the corner should be one of your considerations.

Okay. So, when attacking 1. put your weakest hero’s on the corners and 2. Put hero’s that buff adjacent hero’s in the tank or flank and next to the best ones to buff and 3. Never put 2 heroes of same colour next to each other and try to put heroes of opposing colours side by side.

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