Some remaining questions for an intermediate F2P player

I’ve been at it for 3 months now and have defense team power of 2600.
I’m casual about raiding and sit around 1100 trophies.
I have a good stack of 3* hero’s fully upgraded (about 12)
I have other 3* hero’s which are un-leveled (about 14)
I have been lucky with some special events, Epic Hero Tokens and the odd Elemental summon and have now also got Onatel, Gobbler, Rigard, Boldtusk and Grimm (a rainbow :slight_smile: )
I did buy a VIP Pass for the second builder but otherwise wont pay.

A few remaining issues bother me:

  1. I know about the importance of team positioning in you Defence Team but does hero position matter at all when attacking? I like to colour-stack when attacking, can I just dump them in, in any order ?
  2. I’ve heard it said that you should “save your little gold tokens until you have a special event or seasonal pull”. What does this mean? Isn’t an Epic Hero/Troop Token going to remain the same whether there is a special event on or not? Is there a difference between the Epic troop and Hero tokens in this regard?
  3. What do the little (often burning) swords next to monsters in the map levels mean? Should you attack the higher numbered monsters first? Are these numbers really useful in the strategy of these levels?
  4. I understand that you should aim to do damage with strong colour tiles or if not, at least same colour tiles but not weak colour tiles, but should you attack green, blue or red hero’s with yellow or purple tiles and vice versa? Are these effectively weak attacks? And is attacking yellow with yellow effectively a weak attack unlike attacking red with red?
    (I hope my question is clear enough…how does the yellow-purple complex behave differently from the red-green-blue complex?)
  5. Finally, just to check my own thoughts on this, what is the best defensive team position/order for Onatel-Gobbler-Grimm-Boldtusk-Rigard? I’m frantically levelling them up to get to use this good 4* team…:-))

Thank you to this awesome community and SGG for this crazy good game.


One by one :grin:

It only matters if you use auto attack mode, otherwise it doesn’t. When you auto farm AI shots special skills from left to right. If two or mere specials are charged and ready to use the computer will trigger one by one starting from the left side. So you may want to place your buffers and/or healers on the left side.
In the end, it is not a big difference actually but it doesn’t hurt to know.


I’ll answer what I can:

#1 team positioning for attacking: your only real consideration is, if something whomps you with something that hits three heroes, are there certain ones you DON’T want next to each other?

#3 Do the burning swords mean they’re going to attack next? I never paid close attention. The numbers next to them tells you how many turns until their next standard attack though. So a 1 next to it means it will make its attack after your next move on the board. 2 next to it means you have a couple moves before it hits you, and so on.

#4 It goes like this:
RED is strong against GREEN; weak against BLUE; normal against everything else
GREEN is strong against BLUE; weak against RED; normal against everything else
BLUE is strong against RED; weak against GREEN; normal against everything else
PURPLE is strong against YELLOW; weak against PURPLE; normal against everything else
YELLOW is strong against PURPLE; weak against YELLOW; normal against everything else

Does that help? Guess I could’ve just linked this instead of typing all that. :wink:

I don’t really have much to offer in the way of defensive team position for that roster… I’m still working on that aspect of my game. Hopefully someone else will chime in for you. :slight_smile:


Epic hero and troop tokens are both gold, but different from each other.
All troop types are available all the time, so it doesn’t matter when you use the tokens.
But Hero tokens could be saved waiting the right time to be used. A special event in example, or seasonal event. Or maybe you are lacking of certain colors and want to do a summon when that specific elemental portal opens.

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@_John_Doe @Jedon @littleKAF

Could you guys help this guy?


First of all read this:

Next I’ll respond in short your questions. For details read above links.

Yes, it matters: some heroes (opponent) hit 3 nearby heroes, some heroes (your) heal left and right only etc

Epic Hero Tokens help you get a hero only from Epic Hero Summon (not elemental summon, challenge event summon); however this EHT can be used when there is a seasonal event (rabbits, summer, halloween, xmas) which last 1 month each.
Epic Troop Token is for Troops. Period. Troop<>Hero - different things.

When it burns it means next time he will hit you. Numbers means turns until he hits you. ‘S’ means he will hit you with special.

Read the links above.

I would go: Grimm-Rigard-Onatel-Boldtusk-Gobbler


This is a great time for me to plug the wiki. I’ve created probably 90% of the conceptual pages and have been playing for about as long as you have… but I also have a very strong academic background and have done a crapton (technical term) of research to support the information there.

I suspect that you’ll appreciate the Teams and Seasonal Events in particular. :slight_smile:


I never considered farming but I can see that you are spot on. When the computer plays for you, put your team in “defence” order.

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Add to every thing been said here I have few points of own experince, hope my language will be understandble to you.

Yes it does matter, you see when you attack you are using tiles to hit normally before you charhe the special, right?
Well the defender (AI) also have a board with tiles you don’t see and it also has tiles on it and thats why a hero on defense youre attacking can hit you once normally with 100 damage and later with 300! its tile effect.
So with this said you need to put your heroes same as in defense with weaker defense in wings and stronger in tank.

The ETT Epic Troop Token s doesn’t effect with the events.
The EHT Epic Hero Token s YES.
When seasonal events are on the EHT turns from beimg used in Epic suons to Event portal summons which helpes F2P to chance to have the event heroes, thats why you better save all EHTs for Seasonal events and only Seasonals that you still need their heroes. After all Epic summons has nothing more than what TC20 does.

Those are the rounds needed before the monester attacks you. Thats why if you notice when its drop to 1 it turns into fire sword as if it refers to (Now I will kick your head) :smiley: so you should kill them before it become 1 round (1 sword) this works with titans event and quests monesters. And thats why high players uses Time Stop items cause its stop normal attacks of monesters/titans for some rounds.
Not the special attacks but ONLY normals.

Yellow attacks yellow is weak 25%
Dark attacks dark is weak 25%
Yellow attacks dark and revers are 100% tile damage.
Any color of other 5 roots atracks same color is normal with 50% of damage of each tile depends on normal or critical the tile is.
Any color of the 5 roots attacks a weaker color gains 100% tile damage.
Any volor of the 5 roots attacks a stronger color it gains weak attack with 25% of tile damage.
So that said if blue attacks blue its 50%
If Blue attacks green its 25%
If Blue attacks red its 100%
( Troop stats and levels counts as (+) )
When Yellow/Dark attacks any of the other 5 root colors its 100% cause they are not in the weak/normal/strong cyrcle of power. Which you can see in top left of the screen in map/raids.

Rigard Grimm Onatel BT Gobbler

Onetal is not 4☆ heroe!

Thanks for all the typing anyway :pray:
#1. Does that mean I should separate same colours, and put opposite ones together to collect more mana on the sides of the “whomp”?
#3. I feel so dumb. I had thought the swords reflected strength or something. That will definitely help in deciding who to hit first :+1:
#4. Succinctly put…thanks.

So using an EHT during a special event/seasonal event will have a greater chance of pulling a better hero but using an ETT during a special event will yield the same chance of a 4* troop?

Thanks for your reply. I’ll put hero’s which buff or heal adjacent hero’s next to ones which will do the most good :ok_hand:

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I’ve bookmarked it now. Thanks a lot :sunglasses:

You are pretty clear to me, thanks;
#1 but I thought the computer played differently to the way a human plays and doesn’t have an “unseen board”. When we fire off our tiles, we can ‘mana-up’ our wings easily but its hard to hit the wings of an opponent because they are protected by his centralized hero’s. Does the computer find it hard to hit our wings as well?
#2 I’ll save the EHT’s for trhose “Events”, even if I have to gnaw my arm off to do so :muscle:
#3 My head has been kicked - Doh :confounded: I’ll try the time stops when I really struggle against strong map monsters/Titans :pray:
#5 Onatel rather than Boldtusk for a tank? I suppose her high health is the thing to go with.
#6 Yeh, I did realise that Onatel is a 5*. I got Rigard on an EHT pull and Onatel on the “extra” pull…What a luck :sweat_smile:
Thanks for your time!

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Exactly… There are not special or event troops, so no point on saving the tokens.

Nice answers and very helpful - thx.

And how can I autofarm?

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Auto farm require having
Loot tickets and world energy.
You can go by pressing on Auto win 1 by 1 or you can just keep pressing on the (+) till your max WE or L.T.

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This is incorrect, @Jedon. The defender does not move hidden tiles. The defender uses a normal (slash) attack on their turn (when the sword counts down to 0). That attack is based on the hero’s attack stat and is affected by any buffs/debuffs just as a special would be. Those buffs/debuffs are why the damage can vary.

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So your saying that attacking team order of heroes isn’t needed?

1 - For attacking, you don’t need tanks(the enemy can hit whoever they want regardless of having a tank shielding) and positioning doesn’t matter with only minor exceptions. An example of an exception is someone like Gadeirus who buffs the heroes either side of him, so putting a healer next to him or sticking him in the corner would be wasted.

Also, if you’re map farming using the auto option then the AI will fire specials from left to right… But the AI just fires specials as soon as they’re available anyway with no tactical consideration so not a huge issue

2 - For troop pulls, saving them doesn’t do anything. For hero summons you can save them for seasonal pulls like the Xmas ones(can’t use them on event or Atlantis summons though IIRC)

3 - It means this monster is going to attack on next turn and will only appear when the turn counter on them is 1

4 - Damage works out like this

  • Red does more damage against green and less damage against blue. Against yellow, red and purple it does normal damage

  • Blue does more damage against red, less damage against green, normal damage against all other colours

  • Green does more damage against blue, less damage against red, normal damage against all other colours

  • Yellow does more damage against purples, less damage against yellow, normal damage against all other colours

  • Purple does more damage against yellow, less damage against purple, normal damage against all other colours.

5 - Generally, healers go in the left corner, slow mana in the centre, fast mana in the corners(although a team of all fast mana is generally preferred), your highest Def/HP hero in the centre. Slow mana should never go in the corner as it simply won’t get many chances to charge up there before it dies. Never put 2 heroes of same colour next to each other and try to put heroes of opposing colours side by side.

There are obviously exceptions to all these rules and some of these rules may contradict each other(Do you put your highest DEF/HP guy in the centre or a fast mana guy with slightly less? This is where experience will teach you the tradeoffs and when you should start breaking the basic rules).

That in mind, I would line up Rigard-Onatel-Boldtusk-Gobbler-Grimm.

You could also put Onatel or Rigard at tank but for me Bold’s attack buff firing more often is preferable to Rigard’s Dispel.

Gobbler is really the weak point though as his HP/Def is so low you ideally want him in the corner but given that enemies will probably stack blue against Boldtusk then any blue splash damage against Gobbler from those attacks will be reduced as it’s weak against his green colour.

Realistically, i’d be wanting to replace Gobbler as soon as possible as he’s definitely letting the rest of the team down.

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