Some problems in this game and general concerns

I’m playing this game for around 4 months and I came to a point when I’m rapidly losing interest for this game. I am going to write some of the problems and concerns I’m having with this game and I’ll try to be as much objective as possible. After that, I’m going to write some of suggestions because I realy think that this game has a huge potential that is sadly neglected.

First thing I’m concerned with is summon chances. Imo they are way too low. 1%, 1,3% even 2,5% elemental summon chance is way to low. Even 5% chance is small chance let alone 1,3%.10% chance as in troop summon is realy good for example. And then they write down that certain summon like atlantis has increased chance and they increase it from 1% to 1,3%. Yes, techically that is increased chance but it is way to small. I would understand these summon chances if 10x summon guaranteed at least 1 legendary hero, but right now as it is, even if you spend money on this game it doesn’t guarantee you anything. I’ll come back to this issue later.

Next issue are drop rates of ascension items and war chest drops. I don’t know about you guys but I am having one good drop from like 40 wanted chests. Raid chest and basic monster chests are always droping bad stuff. For example I am having better drops from one defeated titans than from 5 defeated titans chest. I think that they should improve drop rates of ascension items. I have around 30 4* star heroes to level up and I came to a point when I am stuck because I don’t have gloves for example. Opening war chests is literally no fun at all because of the constant dissapointment.

I do not like how good prizes from challenge events are reserved for big spenders. There are thousands of us playing this game and only one guy or two guys get guaranteed 5* heroes. This is literally worse than in EA games. Completing legendary stage should guarantee 5* hero. You do not guarantee 5* star in any of the summons and you do not guarantee it in events. Literally worse than EA. I think at least once a month you could guarantee us something good. The fun while playing and beating challenge events in my case is almost non-existent.

There are lot more issues, but I see that issues with wars for example have been said many times so I tried to stick to the biggest ones for me personally and I think generally. I am completionist when it comes to RPG games and in this game I do not see any way to complete the collection of all heroes even if I spend thousands and thousands of dollars on this game. I understand that they have to make money but at least guarantee something good to your players if they spend money on your game.

When I said that this game has huge potential I realy meant that. It is pretty simple game. For example events could be more common. For example one event every weekend. New heroes could also be introduced way more often. And guaranteeing 5 star heroes from summons wouldn’t change a thing. People would still spend money on your game because there is something new and interesting happening in the game always.

Imagine it. One event every weekend, new heroes for example once or twice a month, guaranteed 5* hero from 10x or 30x summon, better drop rates and faster leveling… even if you are completionist and big spender and you have almost all of the heroes, there would always be something interesting to do and spend money on. People would spend money to complete their collections not to barely get one 5* for 100$ spent on the game. Even then there would be no guarantee that you’ll get the hero you need, so there would be many frustrating moments, but right now, frustrating moments are like 80% of the game.

If they do something like this, they would always have great income and we would always have something interesting to do. Making money while keeping customers happy should be their top priority.

If you even came to the end of this, thanks for reading. I’m hoping that we can have civilized discussion on this post and I also hope that someone from the SG will reply to this.

There hasn’t been 40 wars chests to get…I suspect you just mean something else?

Edited. I meant wanted chests.

Yeah, the RNG in E&P sucks. I’ve played an online trading card games before which did it way better. If you bought booster packs you’d have a guarantee of getting at least one rare card. I did spent a lot more money there than I ever did in E&P, so I don’t think the devs would miss out if they change the system.

I agree witht he titan chest part. Why spend 5-10 days until you can open it if all you get are some normal summon tokens and 5 gems? Also the drop rate of the rare Titans. Most players in my alliance, me included, have never gotten the ascencion item despite the supposely higher chance. I feel like at least the player who did the most damage and maybe the one who did the finishing strike should get it.

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I am pretty sure that they would actually gain much more if they change that. I know a lot of people who started by spending money on this game only to later drop the game after couple of in app purchases because they realised that spending their money doesn’t guarantee anything. Some of them continued without spending money and then dropped it completely because growing up in this game is way too slow.

Also by changing that they would gain much more new players because people wouldn’t drop the game after couple of weeks.

Ofc, they would need to change some features in the game and improve the actual gameplay, but I think there wouldn’t be much of work to do.

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