Some premature thoughts on Alliance Wars 😁

sorry, OT, but:
Use each hero only once in alliance wars?
Are they kidding us?
What on earth will happen with the players who have worked hard on assembling and leveling ONE decent team? - Like most reasonable players do. (I myself had only one decent team, of maxed 4* heroes, until mid November) -

I do not like this idea. At all.

  1. It clearly favors the money players who can afford to roll and level various heroes ( nothing against money players. I am one myself)
  2. and really awful: this will tear up the current alliances very soon. With the money players getting tired of the alliance depending on them… and leaving their home alliance for an alliance of strong players like themselves. Where all are strong. And nobody depends on only you and your strength. It happened in the game Castle Age.
  3. For myself, it would bring a lot of stress and pressure.
    A. stay in my beloved alliance and have many alliance members depend on me and a few others… those with a good number of heroes to choose from. Or
    B. leave my alliance and join a top 100 alliance. Where all are strong. But that will bring no Relief. I heard that the top 100 alliances … at least in Germany… are full of stress and pressure. At least in Castle Age, you were able to play on the basis of your sheer strength in the top guilds (I had joined one, to escape the pressure of one whole guild depending on me and one other lady)

summary: I hate the idea

It sounds like a lot of stress and pressure either way. And money. Lots of money …

Relax. :slight_smile:

That use your hero once till it is killed favors those who have been playing longest, not the biggest spenders (mostly). Spenders have diversity of heroes, and they get them earlier, but leveling heroes with the exception of possibly the biggest whales in the game is all about just having optimized TC’s and those are free to everyone.

There’s absolutely no info on matching but I seriously doubt in a properly functioning game you’re going to get matched with 7DD, HHR, SW, or any of the usual suspects in the top 10 or even top 100 if your alliance rank is way down the list. SG isn’t dumb.

This is still very very early for alliance wars, and I don’t think it’s going to play out as you suggest… there’s a massive Advantage: Defense type mechanic and the current implementation as I mentioned on the beta thread could come down to people throwing 3* teams at the other alliance’s top player just hoping killing to kill some heroes… it could absolutely epic.

So just wait, put a little trust and faith in SG that it’s a new feature, it’s not utterly done yet, but the idea looks really pretty solid and is going to be engaging: my early advice, ABSOLUTELY stay with your friends, the possibility of engagement with this is going to be huge for alliances.

And that comment is coming from someone who does play in a top alliance, and I seriously doubt we’re going to be roflstomping people unless the matching system is so horribly broken as to be utterly insane.

TBH, I think you (individually) might really like it.


Depending on how the rewards system work, their fear for the biggest players to escape from little alliances to take momentary home in biggest one may come true, leaving all the small fish struggling once again for a piece of bread.

I hope SG take this evenience in consideration.


This is SG we’re talking about.

I think wars will be frequent, and I suspect rewards will be on the same level as a monster chest.

Until rewards are stated / known (and it’s going to be a while, we’re basically in alpha right now this isn’t what I’d define as beta) just relax.

And for the record, I’m not mercing’s biggest fan to begin with… and if that becomes a factor in Alliance Wars I will make a very cogent argument for killing mercing altogether and it will probably start the debate that was “settled” six months ago, again. I think SG won’t allow that to be broken in such a fashion.

Alliance wars is actually going to increase socialization within the alliance, that’s a good thing however it gets sliced.


I don’t know, i really hope so.

Taking in consideration the recent contents and rewards, not put my hand on a fire saying that SG help newbies and/or F2P players for sure this time.

Exactly because is very early, i want to put a light on it fro the start, just to be sure.

Initial rewards screens looked like monster chest indeed now that I have seen some screenshots.

I don’t think there’s going to be tons of ascension items in this, and as usual it will be more likely to have 3* instead of 4* ascension items, and that helps the newer players in the game than more the top echelon.

We’re probably 1.5 or 2 months out by my guess. Seriously don’t borrow trouble.

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@rook could you please split off this Alliance Wars discussion?


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Haha nice title! ;). Whee

I’m wondering when I will be taken to task for it… :grin:

Finally got in. The revenge makes the raids much harder than normal. What should have been easy wins are losses.
Most of. my damage came from revenge as opposed from the enemy.
What is the 34% based on?
This seems to make fast hitters much more important

Why is this here in general? This is literally two days in, in its most raw form, more like an alpha? definitely should be moved to beta lounge. @Rook


Agreed, didnt realize this wasnt beta forum. I should have replied on another thread😶

Yeah, get it into Beta before this gets out of hand with people speculating who aren’t in Beta.

And I agree - this sure feels like Alpha…

I really love it, really. That arrow attack is devastating, but it’s fun.

But it is raid based, so most of the people just hate it :rofl:

If they dropped the arrow to say 20-25% to give 4 or 5 rounds especially on the VERY last person that has it fire EVERY round that would make me much happier.

180 flags to beat 30 people = 6 attacks per person.

It’s actually pretty well designed I think as it is.

Maybe this thread should just be closed frankly, discussion should be in beta even if it was my fault it started. Sowwy @Rook @Coppersky

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Does it use new kind of energy different from raid energy?

Yeah completely separate. Gold flags, fancy!

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Thank you very much for your reply.

And your word in God’s ear ( as we say in German) that SG will devise a decent matching system. In Castle Age, our guild (all members level 1000+++ ) would be matched with guilds of levels 350 or so, regularly. Where exactly was the fun in that, for that poor other guild?

I just may be a little over cautious, due to my experience in that other game. Which I quit 4 years ago. And which has died in the meantime.

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