Some options after beating Ursena - advice needed

Last night I’ve finally defeated Ursena on hard, received some mats, now I have some options for ascension. And some doubts also :smiley:

After beating Ursena I have full set of 4* mats and I can ascend one 5* in every color. I am also FTP player, so my options are somehow limited and probably I will have to wait a few months to ascend another 5*. So, guys, please give some good advice, what to do next :wink:

I list all of my important 4* and 5* below, because it may be important in further considerations.

Domitia 4.80+2, Sabina 4.70+20, Rigard 4.70+11, Proteus 4.70+4, Rigard 4.70, Cyprian 4.70, Tiburtus 4.70

There is no doubt here. I have nothing to do in purples, probably I’ll start second Tiburtus, or third Rigard, just because it’s better than nothing…

Guin 4.80+6, Ranvir 3.70, Vivica 3.70, Leonidas 3.70, Chao 4.70, Wu Kong 4.70, Hu Tao 4.70, G. Jackal 3.20

I’ll finish Jackal and then I have my biggest doubt. I could ascend Ranvir, because full ascended Ranvir would some improvement over the Wu Kong. But is it really so big improvement? I could ascend Vivica, because it is my only 5* yellow healer and I can also hope for a costume for her… But I am not the greatest fan of Viv, because she is slow so when she is ready to heal, it’s usually too late… I could ascend Leo, because I definitely need some “oomph” in this color. But Leo is, well, just Leo, and recently I’ve managed to get Jackal, so maybe it would be enough for my needs right now, and I should wait for Joon. On the other hand, being FTP, I can wait for Joon until hell freezes over :wink:

So what to do? Ranvir? Viv? Leo? Wait for Joon?

Ariel 4.80+6, Richard 4.80+7, Magni 3.70, Isarnia 3.70, Thorne 3.70, Grimm 4.70+20, Sonia 4.70+14, Kiril 4.70+9

99% I will ascend Magni. Any good reasons why I shouldn’t? :wink:

Lianna 4.80+9, Caedmon 4.70+15, Melendor (costumed) 4.70+11, Hansel 4.70, Buddy 4.70, Gadeirus 4.70, Little John 4.70, Horghall 2.41

Nothing to do here. Horghall is the error of youth, probably some day he will be ascended to 3.70, but I see no reason to ascend him further. Right now I can do second Caedmon, or second Melendor, I believe they will be much more useful than Groot.

Elena 4.80+4, Marjana 4.80+7, Ares 3.70, Azlar 3.70, Boldtusk 4.70+18, Wilbur 4.70+9, Scarlett 4.70+7, Gormek 4.70

A few days ago I was convinced that I would ascend Ares. But now I am starting to doubt if I need him. Will he be so significant improvement over Boldtusk to spend 6 rings for him? Having Guin I don’t need another tank, so Ares would be used only on offense, probably with Wilbur. But Boldtusk is the best buddy of Wilbur and suits me well. I am not a big fan of Azlar, but he would at least be useful in rush tournaments…

Thanks from advance for any advices :wink:

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Firstly, congrats on beating Season 2!! Just in time for S3 to start rolling out :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll try to keep my advice concise (seeing as costume quest is about to start!!)

Purples - obvs no 5* so… Yeah haha. Tibs 2 probably before Rigard 3.

Yellows - with no Miki or tarlak, one could suggest Ranvir. HOWEVER, seeing as you have a maxed Wu Kong I’d personally not recommend this. I get into it a lot more in another thread but the short notes are that they do pretty much the same thing in buffing tiles… Ranvir just costs more.
So with that in mind (and given your excess of 4* healers) I’d probably suggest Leo. He’s a solid 5* hero. Not the best but not bad either. Joon would be preferable but he’s not there. LEO combined with your new jackal will definitely be killer. Add in Joon when he arrives and you got yourself a pretty deadly titan team.

Link to thread about Wu Kong vs. Ranvir:

Blues - Magni is great. Don’t really need Issy when you got a +20 Grimm. Mine is still at 3/70 for a long time and I only got Grimm +15. So yeah, just do Magni!

Green - horghall isn’t great… Even in rush attack tournaments… Just not enough of an attack stat to go with his DoA. Hang onto those tonics for another one. Either Kadilen or a second Lianna. Even Elk isn’t bad in a wing healing position for wars.

Reds - only reason for Ares would be for titans. Even then, BT +20 is probably better than Ares for a whole yet.
Azlar is deadly on rush attack but is also great in tile damage situations. So against titans & in events, azlar pairs nicely with Falcon, BT, Wilbur for the special skill. He and Elena actually have the highest base attack stat of the red 5* (including the extended new heroes) so yeah…


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