Some opinions needed (which heroes should I replace?)


So…this is my team so far

I have some heros i dont use anymore and these are my troops.

Since i can’t control my luck in coin or gem draws what are your tips regarding team build\setup for the diferent types of game action


So the pictures didn’t upload


Do you have a more specific question?
In general with your current heroes, your main team will be able to do just about anything. If Hu Tao is the only 4* yellow you have, level him up. Keep your 3* heroes for the monthly events. You are at the stage that you use what you have and when you have a tough choice (like pulling 2 heroes of the same color) then seek out some advice. :slight_smile:️ I hope I’ve been at least a little helpful.


The only other team advice I’d suggest is looking for a hero with armor debuff. Grimm, Gormek, or Tibertus. They will help with Titans and will be useful when you want to double up a hero for against Titans or raid defense


I’d like some advice on what heroes should i be replacing

I like my blue and purple heroes.

Green is ok but lacks defense
Yellow has just arrived and i guess he’ll work when leveled, but should i spend resources leveling him up or try to get a new one ?I have 300 gems for a lucky draw
I have 2 reds duplicate and their ok i guess.

The feeling i get is that my team is mainly defensive (to many healers) and not attacking enough.

Do you agree ??


I somewhat agree. Boldtusk is a great hero that you will use for a long time. I think he’s best used as a center tank. Your other heroes are universally great except for Hu Tao. I would try to replace him with Wu, or Chao. That will help your team with all aspects of the game, raiding and Titans.


Little John has very high attack, which is great for raid attacking and Titans even though he is slow Mana. With your two healers he should be able to stay alive to use his devistating special. It’s just that you wouldn’t want a 2nd slow hero like Hu Tao too.


I started with Little John and Hu Tao as well; very painfully slow, but great once they fire.

Yellow 4s are tough. Hu and Li are both slow mana but great effect. Chao never feels strong enough, though his mana steal is a great skill. Wu Kong is clearly the greatest impact hero, but haiving only Sonya and Little John with HP reducer specials seems unbalanced.

Agree with the above comment of adding someone from the Grimm/Tibertus/Gormek trio.


Li is average.

That said with the number of 4* troops I’m going to assume not F2P; as a result, don’t bother with Hu Tao currently

Bold / Sabina / Sonya is a solid core: LJ and Bane are the two for now, and you’re looking to replace those on raid attack at some point in the future.

HT doesn’t have a place on defense either with LJ already built.


F2P ?? (need some explaining here :smiley: )


F2P = Free to play
As opposed to P2W or PTW (pay to win)
(unless, of course, @Revelate means some other F2P, in which case he’d need to explain :wink: )


Then let me correct his (@Revelate) assumption.

I don’t pay to win :smiley:

All my troops where from golden coins (i’ve just been unlucky with hero and lucky with troop coins)


Hu Tao is EXCELLENT for middle game. He’s great in Raids. Not so much against Titans but he’s better than Kailani. Level him up as PRIORITY ONE.


I agree. Hu Tao was my first fully ascended 4* and he remains an occasional team member as I transition to 5*. Blinding is a strong debuff.